Noodles Discotheque

Noodles Discotheque

The Noodles Foundation presents: Noodle Discotheque. DJ tools for the discerning jockey.
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Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
NOODJ 001 Various Noodles Discotheque Vol. 1 NOODJ 001 UK 2000 Sell This Version
NOODJ 002 Various Noodles Discotheque Vol. 2 NOODJ 002 UK 2001 Sell This Version
NOODJ 003 Various Noodles Discotheque Vol. 3 NOODJ 003 UK 2001 Sell This Version
NOODJ 004 Various Noodles Discotheque Vol. 4 NOODJ 004 UK 2001 Sell This Version
NOODJ 005 Various Noodles Discotheque Vol. 5 NOODJ 005 UK 2002 Sell This Version
NOODJ 006 US Various Noodles Discotheque Vol. 6: Postcard From America(12") Noodles Discotheque NOODJ 006 US UK 2004 Sell This Version
NOODJ 007 Various Noodles Discotheque Vol. 7: The Sonig Discotheque(12") Noodles Discotheque NOODJ 007 UK 2004 Sell This Version
NOODOON 101 O5ymy5o* Fruit From Fifty First Batch(12") Noodles Discotheque, Noodles Discotheque NOODOON 101 UK 2005 Sell This Version
NOODOON 202 O5ymy5o* Fruit From Fifty Second Batch(12") Noodles Discotheque NOODOON 202 UK 2005 Sell This Version


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October 24, 2005
edited over 11 years ago
Noodles Discotheque = FUN!!!

If you don't have Noodles in your are SOOOO missing out! The records bounce between samples to songs...BUT...there's no gaps inbetween the tracks! Making each entire side sound like 1 track.

Samples range from talk about home life to internet piracy to twisted/tweeked calls/movie clips. The tracks on one side can take you from minimal/dubby techno to breakbeat then into uber funky house and ending with either some Squarepusher style stuff or expermental rock.

Need to change styles in the middle of a set? (or piss off the next DJ with something bizarre?)These records are PERFECT for that! Drive the crowd nuts by playing an entire side!

Scratch DJs will love the amazing samples to work with. Cut-up, chopped-up & mashed-up...tracks that will add extra spice to your mixes. The kind of spice that you CAN NOT find on your usual scratch/sample records.

Without a doubt, this IS the most versatile collection of records you can come across.