Delta9 Recordings

Delta9 Recordings

Delta9 Recordings is a drum&bass label based between Berlin, Germany and Bergamo, Italy. The label is focused mainly on dark, minimalistic and techstep sounds.

Established in 2012, it's the natural evolution of a process started in 2003 with the aim of promoting the drum&bass culture in northern Italy. From small venues in clubs to free parties with their own soundsystem, Delta9 have hosted several italian and international artists, bringing Mefjus, COOH, Dub Elements, DJ Vapour, Budoka, Impak, Fexomat in Italy for the first time and hosting producer like Audio, Allied, Jade, Maztek, Hallucinator to name a few.
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Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
10095623 Annual 2017  album cover Various Annual 2017 (Comp) 10095623 Italy 2017
10142458 Annual 2018  album cover Various Annual 2018(40xFile, FLAC, Comp) Delta9 Recordings 10142458 Italy 2019
10158096 Annual 2019  album cover Various Annual 2019 (Comp) 10158096 Italy 2020
D9BOX001 Black Box  album cover Various Black Box (Comp) D9BOX001 Italy 2019
D9BOX002 White Box  album cover Various White Box (Comp) D9BOX002 Italy 2020
D9BOX003 Orange Box  album cover Various Orange Box (Comp) D9BOX003 Italy 2020
D9FREE029 The Right Time  album cover Qua Rush The Right Time(File, WAV) Delta9 Recordings D9FREE029 Italy 2018
D9FREE030 Voodoo Step  album cover Tweakz Voodoo Step(File, WAV, Single) Delta9 Recordings D9FREE030 Italy 2018
D9FREE032 Neurotic (VIP)  album cover Kodin & Logics (4) Kodin & Logics (4) - Neurotic (VIP)(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Delta9 Recordings D9FREE032 Italy 2019
D9FREE035 10k Sonics  album cover Various 10k Sonics(8xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Delta9 Recordings D9FREE035 Italy 2019
D9FREE036 Distate  album cover Division (24) Distate(File, MP3, Single, 320) Delta9 Recordings D9FREE036 Italy 2019
D9REC001 27 LP  album cover Various 27 LP (Comp) D9REC001 Italy 2012 Sell This Version
D9REC002 Plural Eyes / Walk Away  album cover First Line Squad Plural Eyes / Walk Away D9REC002 Italy 2012
D9REC003 Unconscious / Not My World  album cover Adeh Unconscious / Not My World D9REC003 Italy 2012
D9REC004 First Line Squad Remixed  album cover First Line Squad First Line Squad Remixed D9REC004 Italy 2012
D9REC005 Gyroscope / Starbugs  album cover Scale (4) Gyroscope / Starbugs D9REC005 Italy 2013
D9REC006 Luminal / Dematerialize  album cover Adeh Luminal / Dematerialize D9REC006 Italy 2013
D9REC007 The New Government EP  album cover Jazzatron The New Government EP (EP) D9REC007 Italy 2013
D9REC008 Virus Funk  album cover Acid Lab* Virus Funk (EP) D9REC008 Italy 2013
D9REC009 Duplichate  album cover Mastaba Audio Duplichate D9REC009 Italy 2013
D9REC010 60 Hz Maffia  album cover Abstract People 60 Hz Maffia D9REC010 Italy 2013
D9REC011 Masochist  album cover Mystic State Masochist D9REC011 Italy 2013
D9REC012 Down By Law / No Reason  album cover Darkhalf Down By Law / No Reason D9REC012 Italy 2013
D9REC013 Tambora  album cover Kela (4) Tambora (EP) D9REC013 Italy 2013
D9REC014 Pathfinder / Nocturnal Activity  album cover Konfront.Audio & Dayni Konfront.Audio & Dayni - Pathfinder / Nocturnal Activity D9REC014 Italy 2014
D9REC015 Hear The Sound / Charged  album cover Bass Sheriff & Audiomission Bass Sheriff & Audiomission - Hear The Sound / Charged D9REC015 Italy 2014
D9REC016 Get Low / Flickers  album cover Plot (9) & Too Sick (2) Plot (9) & Too Sick (2) - Get Low / Flickers D9REC016 Italy 2014
D9REC017 The Absence / Vocalion  album cover Autorun & Iaco Autorun & Iaco - The Absence / Vocalion D9REC017 Italy 2014
D9REC018 Intact EP  album cover Kela (4) Intact EP (EP) D9REC018 Italy 2014
D9REC019 Cataclysm  album cover Vonk Cataclysm (EP) D9REC019 Italy 2014
D9REC020 Let It Off / Clerigos  album cover Bassment (3) Let It Off / Clerigos D9REC020 Italy 2015
D9REC021 Exit 21  album cover Various Exit 21 (Comp) D9REC021 Italy 2015
D9REC022 Calibrate  album cover Proxsym Calibrate (EP) D9REC022 Italy 2015
D9REC023 Antares  album cover Kela (4) Antares (EP) D9REC023 Italy 2015
D9REC024 Lux  album cover Altered Perception (2) Lux (EP) D9REC024 Italy 2015
D9REC025 Inner Alchemy  album cover Kubic Eye Inner Alchemy (EP) D9REC025 Italy 2015
D9REC026 Dexcell  album cover Stoner (7) & Dottor Poison Stoner (7) & Dottor Poison - Dexcell D9REC026 Italy 2015
D9REC027 Blue  album cover Mindless (10) Blue (EP) D9REC027 Italy 2015
D9REC028 After Earth EP  album cover Neurosplit & SD-Theory* Neurosplit & SD-Theory* - After Earth EP (EP) D9REC028 Italy 2015
D9REC029 Feel Me  album cover Ghoar Feel Me (EP) D9REC029 Italy 2016
D9REC030 Got Me Down / Turmoil  album cover Lisp (4) Got Me Down / Turmoil D9REC030 Italy 2016
D9REC031 Osmosis  album cover Gifted Individuals Osmosis (EP) D9REC031 Italy 2016
D9REC032 6 A.M  album cover Alex SLK 6 A.M (EP) D9REC032 Italy 2016
D9REC033 Karma  album cover Mindless (10) Karma (EP) D9REC033 Italy 2016
D9REC034 Dobermann / Blow  album cover BBeta Dobermann / Blow D9REC034 Italy 2016
D9REC035 Synapse  album cover SL8R Synapse (EP) D9REC035 Italy 2016
D9REC036 Invisible Density  album cover D Flect* Invisible Density (EP) D9REC036 Italy 2016
D9REC037 Space Station / Tube Overload  album cover Crimson (10) Space Station / Tube Overload D9REC037 Italy 2016
D9REC038 Wireless Brain / Plaster  album cover Stoner (7) & Dottor Poison / Stoner (7) & Ethik (3) Stoner (7) & Dottor Poison / Stoner (7) & Ethik (3) - Wireless Brain / Plaster D9REC038 Italy 2016
D9REC039 Downset  album cover Kela (4) Downset (EP) D9REC039 Italy 2016
D9REC040 Dead Planet  album cover Wresker & Kilobite (2) Wresker & Kilobite (2) - Dead Planet (EP) D9REC040 Italy 2016
D9REC041 Substance / Double Dub  album cover Cryptographic Substance / Double Dub D9REC041 Italy 2016
D9REC042 From The Streets Vol. 1  album cover Various From The Streets Vol. 1(13xFile, FLAC, Comp) Delta9 Recordings D9REC042 Italy 2017
D9REC043 From The Streets Vol. 2  album cover Various From The Streets Vol. 2 (Comp) D9REC043 Italy 2017
D9REC044 81​​:​​94 FX Remixes  album cover Ethik (3) & Dottor Poison Ethik (3) & Dottor Poison - 81​​:​​94 FX Remixes(8xFile, FLAC, EP) Delta9 Recordings D9REC044 Italy 2017
D9REC045 Lost Rituals / Telestic  album cover Conspired Within Lost Rituals / Telestic(2xFile, FLAC) Delta9 Recordings D9REC045 Italy 2017
D9REC046 Knock, Knock  album cover Logics (4) Knock, Knock (EP) D9REC046 Italy 2017
D9REC047 Anxiety  album cover Invadhertz Anxiety (EP) D9REC047 Italy 2017
D9REC048 Antimatter  album cover Ephyum Antimatter D9REC048 Italy 2017
D9REC049 Padme  album cover Sentic Cycle Padme (EP) D9REC049 Italy 2018
D9REC050 50  album cover Various 50 (Comp) D9REC050 Italy 2018
D9REC051 Praha  album cover Instinkt (4) Praha D9REC051 Italy 2018
D9REC052 This Way Up  album cover SL8R This Way Up (EP) D9REC052 Italy 2018
D9REC053 Electric Smile  album cover Tweakz Electric Smile D9REC053 Italy 2018
D9REC054 Factories In Manchester  album cover Lao Wai Factories In Manchester (EP) D9REC054 Italy 2018
D9REC055 Pandemonium  album cover Invadhertz Pandemonium (EP) D9REC055 Italy 2018
D9REC056 No Data  album cover Kutlo (2) No Data (EP) D9REC056 Italy 2018
D9REC057 On The Road  album cover Frame (46) On The Road (EP) D9REC057 Italy 2018
D9REC058 Directions  album cover MISSIN Directions (EP) D9REC058 Italy 2018
D9REC059 Streets On Lock  album cover RMS (8) Streets On Lock (EP) D9REC059 Italy 2019
D9REC060 I Believe  album cover Incorporate I Believe (EP) D9REC060 Italy 2019
D9REC061 Deadlines  album cover Krispy (2) Deadlines (EP) D9REC061 Italy 2019
D9REC062 From The Streets Vol. 3  album cover Various From The Streets Vol. 3 (Comp) D9REC062 Italy 2019
D9REC063 Namkrow  album cover Kumarachi Namkrow (EP) D9REC063 Italy 2019
D9REC064 Siren  album cover Askel (2) & Elere Askel (2) & Elere - Siren (EP) D9REC064 Italy 2019
D9REC065 High  album cover Felix Raymon High (EP) D9REC065 Italy 2019
D9REC066 Eyes Of June  album cover Tweakz Eyes Of June (EP) D9REC066 Italy 2019
D9REC067 Paricles  album cover Screamarts Paricles (EP) D9REC067 Italy 2019
D9REC068 Disturbed Motion  album cover KarmasynK Disturbed Motion D9REC068 Italy 2019
D9REC069 Hedonism  album cover Logics (4) Hedonism (EP) D9REC069 Italy 2019
D9REC070 Raptor   album cover SL8R Raptor (EP) D9REC070 Italy 2019
D9REC071 Luck Powder  album cover Kutlo (2) Luck Powder D9REC071 Italy 2019
D9REC072 Illumination  album cover MVRK & Dub Personal MVRK & Dub Personal - Illumination D9REC072 Italy 2019
D9REC073 Epinephrine  album cover SD (13) Epinephrine D9REC073 Italy 2019
D9REC074 Skull Breakers  album cover Various Skull Breakers (EP) D9REC074 Italy 2020
D9REC075 Shut Down  album cover Trex Shut Down D9REC075 Italy 2020
D9REC076 Intoxicated  album cover Entita (2) Intoxicated D9REC076 Italy 2020
D9REC077 Morphine  album cover Jestah (2) Morphine D9REC077 Italy 2020
D9REC078 Places  album cover Invadhertz Places (EP) D9REC078 Italy 2020
D9REC079 Acidic Love  album cover Waeys Acidic Love (EP) D9REC079 Italy 2020
D9REC080 From The Streets Vol. 4  album cover Various From The Streets Vol. 4 (Comp) D9REC080 Italy 2020
D9REC081 Infinite Funk  album cover MVRK & Screamarts MVRK & Screamarts - Infinite Funk(2xFile, FLAC) Delta9 Recordings D9REC081 Italy 2020
D9REC082 Tsundoku  album cover SiLi Tsundoku (EP) D9REC082 Italy 2020
D9REC083 Space Journey  album cover Molecular (8) Space Journey (EP) D9REC083 Italy 2020
D9REC084 Wild West  album cover Temam & Vici (5) Temam & Vici (5) - Wild West D9REC084 Italy 2020
D9REC085 Instance  album cover DOt. (3) & cømpiler DOt. (3) & cømpiler - Instance(2xFile, FLAC) Delta9 Recordings D9REC085 Italy 2020
D9REC086 Honey  album cover Qua Rush Honey D9REC086 Italy 2020
D9REC087 Critters  album cover Jolliffe Critters (EP) D9REC087 Italy 2020
D9REC088 Lost Tonight  album cover Tweakz Lost Tonight(5xFile, FLAC, EP) Delta9 Recordings D9REC088 Italy 2020
D9REC089 Become Dust  album cover Kumarachi Become Dust D9REC089 Italy 2020