Recollection GRM as reviewed by patientot

March 19, 2019
One of my favorite LP reissue series over the last few years. I've never had any problems with any releases I've bought but it looks like things may be starting to slip a bit from reading some of the comments here. I really hope this isn't the case and these are just isolated defects.

Recollection GRM chickenhoss

March 18, 2019
Have to say, I had to return just the one, which had been pressed with a strange scratch that seemed to have come from an embedded piece of fluff, and there was no offer to offset the cost of return postage. Still, this was a number of years ago, probably 2013, and they've all been good since then. These things should be checked before the vinyl is sealed.

Recollection GRM sea_urchin

August 15, 2018
edited about 1 year ago
I have collected pretty much every release in the series: until 2014, pressing was all right, no problem to report at least for the copies I have seen. Since then, this has gone from bad to worse - shame as curation, design and mastering are great! Any idea where these records are pressed???

Recollection GRM thevitaminb12

July 23, 2018
edited about 1 year ago
Just purchased brand new copies of Luc Ferrari - Hétérozygote / Petite Symphonie..., Luc Ferrari - Presque Rien, François Bayle - Tremblements... and Christian Zanési - Grand Bruit / Stop ! L'horizon. All of them are defective to varying degrees and have to be returned. Glum....

Recollection GRM sea_urchin

May 14, 2018
Same problem here: my copy of François Bayle's Tremblements has marks all over the place, making the LP basically unplayable as this is a very quiet (and beautiful) piece! There are great pressing plants in Europe such as Pallas, why not use them?

Recollection GRM as reviewed by Bradx

March 3, 2018
Pressings getting worse from this label. Got both François Bayle and Christian Zanési in the post today - brand new sealed copies.
The Christian Zanési has a scratch on side two that clicks for over 5 minutes.
The François Bayle has scuffs right across one side.
The music is so quiet they need decent pressings - not these pitiful efforts.

Recollection GRM ttommass

April 13, 2018
That's interesting. I noticed this on the first few releases, but lately I've found them to be fine. L'Expérience Acoustique was really bad, with little pock marks all over one of the records. It seems to be common to a lot of Editions Mego, particularily, the BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa Góða Nótt album had a big scratch toward the end of side B.

Recollection GRM suhrawardi

March 26, 2018
Unfortunately I have to agree... The first 15 releases are very good quality... The later ones are not so good anymore.

Recollection GRM Lazza123

March 22, 2018
Thanks for the feedback. I shall avoid the overpriced £17 pricetag and just be happy with the digis

Recollection GRM chris.topp

March 8, 2018
Same here. Very disappointing. Always trusted this label without second thought. Not anymore.

Recollection GRM kapervisser

March 7, 2018
My copies suffer the same issues. Cd's were still avaible. Why do we buy these reissues ?

Recollection GRM MillionDollars.

March 21, 2016
Cover design reminds strongly of Brani Per Sonorizzazione series:

Recollection GRM bcccl

July 11, 2014
reissue efforts come and go but this particular effort is among the best. beautifully packaged, beautiful sounding, expertly curated, it is hard to think of ways these could have been better. the design follows a common template with variations in colour and tints with the record housed in a thick sleeve with short liner notes, the package is sober and invites the listener to concentrate on the music. i think the series does justice to the music and composers in a way that raises the bar for future reissue efforts. bravo to everyone involved.

Recollection GRM Oldmotherhell

August 11, 2016
I agree entirely. I've been obsessing about these records a lot lately and it's a bit frustrating coming late into the game when most of them are all sold out. Thankfully, Peter Rehberg has recently repressed the Xenakis album, so I'm hoping he's going to do the same to the earlier releases. The people involved are such top notch people in the business like sleeve designer Stephen O'Malley and Rashad Becker, who's pretty much the go-to guy in mastering and cutting. Absolutely brilliant stuff.