Banzai Records


Canadian heavy metal label in the 80s, specialized in licensing releases from USA and Europe for the Canadian market. The label's logo showed two samurai-warriors crossing blades with the Rising Sun behind them. Some Banzai releases had different cover artwork compared to the original pressings. Michael Meese was initially President of the label.
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Parent Label:Banzai Records Inc.
Contact Info:

Banzai Records Inc.
1238 Crescent Street
Montréal, Québec
H3G 2A9
(contact info now obsolete) ,


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  • brutalposer's avatar
    so how many cassettes are their to the collection no dj sampler,no celtic frost tragic serendes,no wasp animal any others they didnt press on cassette
    • candi.hallstrom's avatar
      Error: The LP2008 listing for Helloween is NOT a Banzai records release. The only copy of that album released under Banzai is the BRC 1966 found here
      • alcoholica's avatar
        The Let's Put the X in sex at the bottom does not belong in this label discography, it is not the same Banzai Records.