Foundation Records (2)

Foundation Records (2)

After almost a year of preparation, Foundation Records was launched at 2002 and aimed at releasing high-class electronic dance music. The person behind this project was Chriss of The Quasar, one of Hungary's most popular DJ who is involved in the dance music scene since 13 years. Label is now defunct.

The backcatalogue between CAT001 and CAT014 consists of vinyl and CD releases.
The label changed the release format to digital since CAT014, the re-release of "October".
Contact Info:
Foundation Records - C-Audio Records
Vámosgyörk utca 21.
H-1163 Budapest

Artist Booking:


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
CAT001 The Trip (Redirection Of Sound)  album cover Chriss The Trip (Redirection Of Sound)(CD, Comp, Mixed) Foundation Records (2) CAT001 Hungary 2004 Sell This Version
CAT003 Live  album cover Chriss & Moonline Chriss & Moonline - Live(2xCD, Comp, Mixed) Foundation Records (2) CAT003 Hungary 2006 Sell This Version
CAT004 The Pressure (Redirection Of Sound Vol.2.)  album cover Surprise (9) The Pressure (Redirection Of Sound Vol.2.)(CD, Comp, Mixed, Dig) Foundation Records (2) CAT004 Hungary 2007 Sell This Version
CAT005 Ilovedeep 01  album cover Budai* Ilovedeep 01(CD, Comp, Mixed) Foundation Records (2) CAT005 Hungary 2007 Sell This Version
CAT006 Déjá-Vu (Classics 1996-2005)  album cover Chriss & Pöli* Chriss & Pöli* - Déjá-Vu (Classics 1996-2005)(2xCD, Comp, Mixed) Foundation Records (2) CAT006 Hungary 2009 Sell This Version
CAT014 October  album cover Quasar October(5xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT014 Hungary 2006
CAT015 Sandal Wood  album cover Quasar Sandal Wood(4xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT015 Hungary 2006
CAT017 Planetarium  album cover The Quasar* Planetarium(3xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT017 Hungary 2007
CAT018 Koebouki  album cover Yvel & Tristan Koebouki(4xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT018 Hungary 2007
CAT019 Over The Gravity  album cover The Quasar* Over The Gravity(4xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT019 Hungary 2007
CAT020 Over The Gravity (Remixes)  album cover The Quasar* Over The Gravity (Remixes)(4xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT020 Hungary 2007
CAT021 Gotta Move  album cover Duel And Gasper Duel And Gasper - Gotta Move(4xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT021 Hungary 2007
CAT023 Freaky Space Ambient  album cover B.Craack Freaky Space Ambient(File, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT023 Hungary 2007
CAT024 A Miracle Man  album cover Yvel & Tristan Feat. Chriss Croat* Yvel & Tristan Feat. Chriss Croat* - A Miracle Man(4xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT024 Hungary 2007
CAT025 Lost In Childhood  album cover The Quasar* Lost In Childhood(7xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT025 Hungary 2008
CAT026 Soultrippin  album cover Duel Soultrippin(5xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT026 Hungary 2008
CAT027 Year  album cover Various Year(15xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT027 Hungary 2008
CAT028 Aspera  album cover Trandel Aspera(3xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT028 Hungary 2008
CAT029 Contemporary Levitation  album cover B.Craack Contemporary Levitation(6xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT029 Hungary 2009
CAT030 The Fan  album cover Profile25 Feat Tom Noize Profile25 Feat Tom Noize - The Fan(3xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT030 Hungary 2008
CAT031 Breath EP  album cover Dusan & Milansavic* Dusan & Milansavic* - Breath EP(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT031 Hungary 2009
CAT032 Sea Buzz  album cover Crystal Fake Sea Buzz(4xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT032 Hungary 2009
CAT033 Taste Of Harmony EP  album cover Westlake (2) Taste Of Harmony EP(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT033 Hungary 2009
CAT034 Insert Coin  album cover Faces (6) Insert Coin(2xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT034 Hungary 2009
CAT035 Oxytocin  album cover Marrakech (2) Oxytocin(2xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT035 Hungary 2009
CAT036 Fermented Era  album cover Crystal Fake Fermented Era(7xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT036 Hungary 2009
CAT037 1982  album cover Profile25 1982(3xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT037 Hungary 2009
CAT038 Magnetic Needle  album cover The Quasar* Magnetic Needle(7xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT038 Hungary 2009
CAT039 Vikings EP  album cover Michal Poliak Vikings EP(5xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT039 Hungary 2009
CAT040 Long Drink  album cover Kormix & Blaise (6) Kormix & Blaise (6) - Long Drink(4xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT040 Hungary 2009
CAT041 Good Evening  album cover Lank Good Evening(4xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT041 Hungary 2009
CAT043 Slodens  album cover Jaffa Surfa Slodens(3xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT043 Hungary 2009
CAT044 True Desire  album cover Trandel True Desire(3xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT044 Hungary 2009
CAT045 Butterfly  album cover B.Craack Butterfly(6xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT045 Hungary 2009
CAT046 Funky Town  album cover The Quasar* Funky Town(5xFile, MP3, 320) Cre8tion Records, Foundation Records (2) CAT046 Hungary 2009
CAT047 Home  album cover Chriss Ronson* Feat. Yvel & Tristan Chriss Ronson* Feat. Yvel & Tristan - Home(File, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT047 Hungary 2009
CAT048 Pink Chocolate  album cover Carlos Marti Pink Chocolate(2xFile, MP3, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT048 Hungary 2010
CAT049 Year 2 - Exclusive Collection  album cover Various Year 2 - Exclusive Collection(9xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Foundation Records (2) CAT049 Hungary 2010