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James "Al" Hendrix founded Experience Hendrix in 1995 after a settlement reached in July, when he regained control of his son's song and image rights from previous copyright owners, including MCA Records.

Experience Hendrix oversees rights to Jimi Hendrix's recording catalog. Since its inception, it is run by the Hendrix family. It first licensed catalog to MCA Records, but in 2009, they signed a multi-year licensing agreement with Legacy, and since 2010, all distribution of the Experience Hendrix recording catalog passed to Sony Music Entertainment.

As a publisher then affiliated with ASCAP

Also appears as:
- Experience Hendrix LLC

Sublabels:Dagger Records, Experience Hendrix
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Experience Hendrix, L.L.C.
Music Publishing & Licensing
P.O. BOX 88070
Seattle, WA 98138-1070
Fax: (206) 241-5477
Email: [email protected]

[email protected]


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