Metroplex as reviewed by Alain_Patrick

January 28, 2015
"It’s a kind of Metropolitan Complex like a new type of City that would be" - Juan Atkins interview, Sept. 2007

Metroplex as reviewed by hypogenetic

November 27, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
In my home town of Brisbane, Australia, we have a commercial area called Metroplex, which is on Metroplex Avenue off of Terrace Place, turn left off Industrial Drive. I would have to guess and say the developer of that estate was into Front242, Stefan Robbers and Juan Atkins.

I wouldn't blame him, brilliant artists, all influenced by Juan Atkins and Metroplex no doubt. I myself have a severe djing infliction....I can't help myself and always end up playing a Metroplex record or two...or three! Thanks Juan!

Metroplex stuarte

April 8, 2018
I Wanna Be There...
; ) ; ) ; ) ; )

Metroplex mancity1970

July 28, 2011
I wanna move there, sounds excellent.