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Dutch company operating a vinyl pressing, cassette duplicating and printing plant in Baarn. Active under this name from 1962 until 1979. It succeeded Philips Phonografische Industrie and was renamed to PRS Baarn in 1980.

Records cut here can be recognized by a stamped 670 in the matrix. Please credit with Lacquer Cut At.

Pressings can be more difficult to identify. Phonodisc Baarn was a full service provider for the Benelux markets, did contract pressings for Benelux record companies, and served as a backup plant for the Phonogram branches in other countries. While there are several identifiers that can used to determine the plant, there are also several exceptions. When in doubt, do not credit with Pressed By or ask in the forum.

Possible identifiers:
1. LPs have a pressing ring configuration with a 30mm ring in the middle and a raised outer ring at 88mm. (The raised rim itself is 6mm.) Please note that this configuration is not unique but also appears at other Polygram plants, e.g. Phonodisc Ltd. and the Italian Phonoster.
2. On Phonogram releases, English label copyright rim text (as opposed to German or French).
3. On Phonogram releases, "Made in Holland" on the labels or STEMRA (or on Belgian releases SABAM) as rights society. It should be noted however that PRS also did contract cutting and plating for other Dutch plants. If the characteristic pressing ring configuration is absent, a release was not pressed here.

Additionally, 1Y / 2Y, 1W / 2W or 1F / 2F, etc. before or after the 670 can be found. These codes are format identifiers:
E after the side identifier (1/2) stands for 7" EP 45 RPM (Mono or Stereo).
F after the side identifier (1/2) stands for 7" 45 RPM Mono.
L after the side identifier (1/2) stands for 12" 33 1/3 RPM Mono.
M after the side identifier (1/2) stands for 12" EP 45 RPM Stereo.
R after the side identifier (1/2) stands for 10" 33 1/3 RPM Mono.
T after the side identifier (1/2) stands for 7" 33 1/3 RPM Mono.
W after the side identifier (1/2) stands for 7" 45 RPM Stereo.
Y after the side identifier (1/2) stands for 12" Stereo (regardless the speed).

Usually, there also are specific extra stamps in a format such as: "111" or "11 4". These are present much lighter than the other data in the runouts and are often not ordered very well. These numbers indicate the father, mother, stamper numbers.

Mono releases cut on a mono lathe (for 25µm / 1mil stylus) can be identified by an upside down triangle (▽) on the labels. This symbol is absent from later mono releases cut on a stereo lathe.

Stereo releases can be identified by a symbol showing two overlapping circles on the labels. Originally both circles were shown in full; starting in 1976 a new design was introduced where the left circle partially hides the right circle. (It should be noted this is only the case for the Dutch branch, the Phonogram branches in other territories only introduced the design change at later dates.)

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