Music Hall


Also appeared as "Music-Hall", "Discos Music-Hall" and uses the logographic motto "MH Argentina!".

Argentinian label, created by Néstor Selasco in 1951 and distributed by SICAMERICANA S.A.C.I.F.I. (Sicamericana Sacifi).

Originally typographed Music-Hall, the dash was dropped by the end of the decade. In the 50s it was focused on Tango, Folk and licensed imports, gradually focusing on Rock and Pop from the 60s onto the late 80's. The end of it's tenure were mostly compilations of European artists. In it's first releases, it introduced the Vinyl record to the Argentinean market, made from Peruvian pressings.
Went bankrupt in the 90s and the masters were shelved until the late 2010s. In this period, a large number of unlicensed and bootleg reissues were made.

Music Hall catalog # works the following way:

The first number defines the type of release - The other four numbers define the cat.

X.XXX - LPs produces from artists signed with the label
1X.XXX - LPs not signed with the label or artist not directed associated with Music Hall.
3X.XXX - Singles
6X.XXX - EPs
7X.XXX - Compilations & Anthologies
9X.XXX - LP Reissues.
11X.XXX - Stereo - Available when an LP had Mono and Stereo versions on sale
50-XX.XXX - Licensed, adopted for all releases on a short time between circa 75 to circa 78. May also come in 60, 70 or 80

Do not add MH- to the catalog. That's part of the matrix's side identifier. The dot separating most cats was added circa the 2000th national release.

Parent Label:Sicamericana Sacifi
Sublabels:Colección De Oro (8), Colección Platino, En Tu Piel Los Mh Positivos, Serie Estelar (4)


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