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Founded by legendary producer Giorgio Moroder and based in Germany,
Oasis Records became the first US subsidiary label of Casablanca Records.
But when Casablanca evolved into Casablanca Record & FilmWorks in 1977,
most of the Oasis artists became Casablanca artists directly (in the U.S. only).
The label design itself had 3 variations, the first being the standard Oasis logo on blue with yellow beneath, the second being the Oasis logo on a blue, sky background with a yellow desert beneath and the third and final variation being the Oasis logo in an aqua, neon design, glowing on a black background.
The Oasis label was discontinued in America, but continued on in Germany up until 1985, most of the vinyl pressings during this period were Direct Metal Master's from Teldec.

For company details please use Oasis Records (3).

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Parent Label:Casablanca
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Arabellastraße 5
81925 München
(Contact info now obsolete)


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