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The Camden Records stall was set up in the late 80s by the original owner Horace. At the time they sold all types of dance music, particulalry US House and Garage as well as Euro Techno. During the early 90s the stall became extremely popular as it was one of the first shops in London to start stocking the new UK underground hardcore sound that was just beginning to blow up.
Due to the huge success of the stall Horace teamed up with a man called Sash to open another shop on the Kings road in Chelsea. They decided to call it Lucky Spin Records. Both shops were shifting huge quantites of vinyl, the next step was to set up a record label. Two labels were launched - Camden Tunes and Lucky Spin Recordings.

Sasha and Horace's partnership broke a few years later, Horace kept the stall, while Sasha kept the shop but decided to sell it to Moving Shadow who re-opened it as Section 5 Records.

Ash-A-Tack was also employed on the Camden Tunes stall and in the Lucky Spin record shop.


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