Paper Recordings manuelvelascon

August 18, 2017
Hello there... just wondering why Kimo´s Kindara EP is not listed on Discogs ¿?

Paper Recordings as reviewed by jtdevious

September 8, 2015
On the mix CD that accompanies the splinter compilation (papCD02), the 'secret messages' up to 38 are read out by the windows speech tool during the mix (around 40 minutes in). In typical Paper Recordings fashion, there is also a spelling mistake that the computer voice reads out.

Paper recordings is easily the most value-for-money record label in the world ever. Consistently cool, necessarily tough and always funky house grooves all presented in a half-assed way that ensures the status of Eastwick, Holloway and Bradshaw as dance music pioneers.


Paper Recordings jtdevious

September 8, 2015
Oh i'd just like to add that it still mystifies me how they can have a thoroughly classy underground New York sound to their productions on Paper when they hail from Stockport. Baffling.

Paper Recordings andrus

March 21, 2014
'Secret messages' from 1 to 36 can be heard here, starting around the 21st minute:

Paper Recordings nickwharton

August 25, 2010
Awesome Label - my favourite ever

Did anyone else see the 'secret message' on the releases?

There was always a word on the spine of the sleeve and one on the flip side of the vinyl, preceded by a number.

Anyone fancy helping me stitch them together.

So far got:

04 The Start
07 To Hear What Is
09 Three Moments

12 Or Bust
13 That's The Idea
15 The Realisation
17 The Sound

Paper Recordings nickwharton

August 17, 2017
a) respect
b) yes please

Am very much still interested if you can dig out the original text

Paper Recordings sosumi

July 6, 2017
I'm the designer and created all this artwork somewhere I do have the whole text — let me know if you are still interested

Paper Recordings as reviewed by phrasedjs

April 20, 2005
edited over 14 years ago
This is without doubt the greatest label to emerge from the UK for a very long time. It has something for everyone, from dancefloor anthems to downtempo grooves.
Some of the standout release have to be THE BOOK, OUR SUNSHINE SUITE and TRIO DE JANEIRO. But i am disappointed as the output seems to have stop. If the label has called it a day, then it leaves a big hole to be filled in the UK scene.

Paper Recordings as reviewed by pete37406

December 20, 2003
Quite frankly for me the epitaph of house music labels , A dimly lit dirty low down slinky raw underground showcase of deep house artists many who have grown from their debut releases on this subliminal label from a basement 50 fathoms down in deepest Manchester, The first release was an absolute epic and the 100th still shouts utter quality... oh... and the ones between 1 + 100 aren't too shabby either! Utter pornography in wax form , class.