The Lacquer Channel Limited


Canadian mastering studio and lacquer cutting facility, operating under this name from 1976 until around end of 1987 when it was changed to The Lacquer Channel.
The mastering and cutting facility was opened in house at Phase One Studios on November 15, 1976 with Alan Moy as the mastering engineer. It remained at Phase One until 1988, when they moved to their current location in Toronto, ON.
Mastering engineers included George Graves (late 1970s onwards), Kevin Fuller (later 1970s to early 1980s), Alan Moy (1970s), Neil Carter (3) and Terry Medwedyk.

Records cut at The Lacquer Channel Limited are identifiable by an etched "TLC" in the runouts. This is often followed by a suffix and/or initials (e.g. TLC-T GAM) which indicates either the brand of lacquer that was used in the cut and/or or the cutting engineer. Please use Lacquer Cut At when crediting the company and Lacquer Cut By when crediting the engineer. DO NOT USE for records cut after 1987.

Lacquer brands used:
TLC-AL (or TLC-A) = Apollo Masters Lacquers
TLC-P = Pyral lacquers
TLC-T = Transco lacquers
TLC-M = not yet identified lacquers

Cutting engineers:
GAM = Alan Moy
GG = George Graves (can look like GC or JC)
K.E.F or KF = Kevin Fuller (F can look like Z or Y)
nc. = Neil Carter (3) (can look like OC or JC)
MW = Mark Wright (3)
STM = Scott Murley
TM = Terry Medwedyk
R.B. = Robin Brouwers

Contact Info:

3015 Kennedy Rd., Unit 10
Scarborough Ontario
M1V 1E7
Tel.: 291-6009
[obsolete Phase One contact info]


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