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- Bad Company Recordings

Sublabels:BC Authorised, BC Halo, BC Presents..., Book Of The Bad, Breakbeat Punk, Square One, Very Bad Music
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BC Recordings (London)
Email: [email protected]
Info: +44 (0207) 813 0286
Fax: +44 (0207) 431 9953
Artist bookings: (Unique Artists): +44 (0207) 371 8840


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  • AkA's avatar
    Now defunct label created by the inconsistent but sometimes genius boys - the key man being Fresh (aka Dan Stein).

    Much greater releases on other labels e.g. The Pulse (Prototype Recordings) or Spacehopper (Ram Records), but The Nine, Rush Hour and Dogs on the Moon are classics.
    • xo's avatar
      FYI: Bad Company consists of four people, Dan 'Fresh' Stein, Jason Maldini, Darren 'D-Bridge' and Michael 'Vegas'. Fresh & Vegas used to record as such (ans also as "Absolute Zero & Subphonics", and D-Bridge & Maldini used to record as "Future Forces Inc".

      Because of the rock band of the same name, these boys are NOT officially known as Bad Company anymore (although you will always see them on flyers and rave line-ups as this). They go by a rather "Prince-esque" logo which, it has been sanctioned by Fresh, is officially spelt in text as ")EIB(" (the logo is the letters BC reflected about a line).

      They also run the worlds most popular drum'n'bass message board,
      • Mr.Jay's avatar
        Edited 22 years ago
        Possibly a little over-hyped by the drum & bass fraternity, Bad Company are one of those bands that when they are off the mark mangage to produce average material but can be forgiven by the fact that when they get it right the results are truely breathtaking. Essential purchase - 'The Nine'. One of those tunes that you know even f you think you don't and one that anyone who owns a set of decks should have.