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WEA Musik GmbH, founded June 13, 1972, and registered legally originally in West Germany November 10, 1972, started operations in January 1973 as the successor to Kinney Music GmbH. It was located in Hamburg and distributed the WEA International labels (Warner Bros., Elektra, Atlantic, etc.).

Labels which have been distributed and - from 1977 on - manufactured by WEA Musik GmbH:
Atlantic (LC 0121)
Automatic Record Co. (from 1979 to 1982)
Bearsville (LC 2217) (from 1973 to 1978)
Beggars Banquet (LC 5485) (from 1982 on)
Capricorn Records (LC 2237) (till 1979)
Dark Horse Records (LC 3375) (from 1976 on)
Discreet (LC 3152) (from 1973 on)
Elektra (LC 0192)
Geffen Records (LC 7266) (from 1980 on)
Grateful Dead Records (1973-1974)
MCA Records (LC 1056) (from 1984 on)
Nemperor Records (LC 3400) (1975-1977)
Nonesuch (LC 0192) (1974)
Planet (15) (LC 5936)
Raft Records
Reprise Records (LC 0322)
Sire (LC 3228) (from 1981 on)
Warner Bros. Records (LC 0392)
WEA (from 1978 on) (LC 4281)
Wea International (from 1974 to 1978) (LC 4281)
Westbound Records (LC 0121) (from 1977 on)

After completion of the merger with ATARI Electronikvertriebs GmbH on 25 March 1986, the new company was called WEA Musik GmbH Neue Medien Und Elektronikvertrieb. In October 4, 1990, WEA Musik GmbH Neue Medien und Elektronikvertrieb was renamed and legally registered December 13, 1990 as Warner Music Germany GmbH.

Corporate chronology:
Registered: 20 April 1971 as 'Kinney Music Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung' in Munich (company number HRB 43332)
Managing Director: Siegfried E. Loch from 19 May 1971 to 24 March 1983
Relocated: 8 December 1971 to Hamburg (company number HRB 14429)
Name change: 10 November 1972 to 'WEA Musik Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung'
Merged: 25 March 1986 into 'ATARI Elektronikvertriebs GmbH' and renamed 'WEA Musik GmbH Neue Medien und Elektronikvertrieb' (Hamburg company HRB 25476)

Parent Label:WEA International Inc.
Sublabels:Art Gallery, Das Deutsche Rock-Archiv, Das Rock-Archiv, Golden Oldies (3), That's Entertainment (2), That's Soul 74


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