Coldharbour Recordings


Progressive House & Trance label founded in 2005 by German-American DJ & producer Markus Schulz. It is named after Coldharbour Lane, a road in South London where Schulz's first studio was located.
Was a sublabel of Dutch music company Armada Music B.V. until mid-2013, when Markus Schulz took the label independent. Had a digital-only sublabel, Coldharbour Recordings Red, launched in October 2007 and stopped 5 years later.
In the beginning of 2015, Coldharbour Recordings joins the Black Hole Recordings label family.

Parent Label:Black Hole Recordings
Sublabels:Coldharbour 100, Coldharbour Black, Coldharbour Recordings Red
Contact Info:

Miami, Florida, USA

Demos: [email protected]
Licensing: [email protected] , Facebook , MySpace , X , Wikipedia , Soundcloud , YouTube ,


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