Italian label, founded in Milan in 1932 as "Durium La Voce Dell'Impero".

Important Durium catalog numbers often contain the string "AI" or "Ai", please make sure to enter it as on release; when the I is used enter it as a capitalized i, not a lowercase L.

Label Code: LC 0185 / LC 00185
The name was changed to "Durium" at the end of WWII, when - after a temporary relocation to Erba (CO) - the headquarters were moved back to the original seat.

After successfully overcoming some initial difficulties, "Durium" went on achieving and then consolidating - between the '50s and the '70s - a leading position in the music business.
Besides managing and promoting its "own" artists, the company engaged in the distribution of several Italian labels and famous international artists as well.

Unfortunately, the mid '80s marked a point of no return: Fallen into a severe crisis, "Durium" went through some really hard times, eventually ceasing operations in 1989.

Please note: "Durium Circus", "Durium Serie Cicala", "Durium Serie Royal", "Serie Rock And Roll" and "Collana Blue Melody" are series not label.
As publisher use: Durium Edizioni Musicali

Parent Label:Durium S.p.A.
Sublabels:Auditorium Dischi, Boom Record (3), Collana Blue Melody, Collana Diamante, Disco In, Durium Jazz Set, Durium Marche Estere, Durium Poliglotta, Durium Revival, Durium Start, ...
Contact Info:

Durium S.p.A.
Via A. Manzoni, 40/42
20121 Milan, Italy
Phone: (02) 701008
(Contact info now obsolete)



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