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Owned and operated by Gabe Koch, based in Miami, Florida, US. Started in January 2000, ended in January 2007, Merck Records was home to many artists producing experimental electronic music in many styles, including IDM, hip-hop, ambient, and indie. The music has a generally upbeat and melodic feel to it, technical, but not overly cerebral. Obvious influences are early UK labels like Warp, Skam, and Rephlex, as well as all the early Miami electronic labels.

In January 2007, Merck reached the end of its release schedule with a total of 51 CD releases and 50 vinyl releases. The label is still selling its catalogue online but is no longer releasing any new material.

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  • COMPRESSIR's avatar
    I really miss this forward thinking label. They had such a solid line up of artists and such epic releases. Come back Merck!
    • adam01's avatar
      An epic label that shared some great music with the world.
      Viva La Meck !
      • Eikwel's avatar
        Edited 17 years ago
        I think Merck records is the best label for someone who loves abstract hiphop and would like to discover a more experimental and electronic sound. Merck is a kinda family. Every artist is different, but all want to make extremely beautiful and innovative digital music.
        It is my favourite label for all these reasons. Colorful, futuristik & urban releases with marvellous artworks overmore.
        • Naem_Underground's avatar
          Edited 18 years ago
          One of the best IDM label in the word (if not THE best) won't exist anymore at the end of the year.
          I'm sad, very sad.
          Too difficult to find some merck releases in France, I've ordered all their discography from their website (I had machine drum and proem releases before this order) and ALL the releases are fantastic..
          Merck is exceptional because there was a strong cohesion between all the members... Merck was a kind of family, and a real and original soul has been developed into this community.
          IDM, IDM/hiphop beat, Abstract HipHop, Breaks, Minimal Techno, Ambient, with a very artistic and urban feeling.
          It's all I love, Merck is the future!
          • Reticulum_Flux's avatar
            Edited 18 years ago
            Like everyone else, I too am depressed about Merck coming to an end. They had some really good artists and releases under their belt and it just kept getting better and better. Their artists range from IDM to ambient to hip hop electronic. Some really good stuff from this label.

            Their releases are often limited to 1000 units each so their whole catelog is collector items. They will be closing their doors sometime around summer 2006... I suggest anyone who wants a release by them does it quick!
            • timpong's avatar
              Edited 18 years ago
              I was very sorry to hear that Merck will only be around untill sometime 2006. I have been very impressed with their catalog and will certainly miss their releases. Here is the press releases from Merck "We are both sad and happy to announce that this will be the last year of Merck Records. Once we have released 50 cds and 50 vinyls sometime mid 2006, we will stop releasing new material. We have many reasons for this, in the interest of briefness we will just say that its time to move on. After we have completed 100 total releases (currently at 81) we will sell off our remaining stock and there will be no more represses. We thank ALL the people who have supported us over the years, you have made this possible."
              • zodiakk's avatar
                Edited 18 years ago
                What a strong and good label. The quality of the releases is getting better with the years in my opinion. Their motto of 'severely electronified hiphop' doesn't seem to cover enough ground for all the music they release, it's all amazingly produced. I personally like the fact they release entire cd's with all kinds of remixes by related artists. I have yet to see a slip-up in their catalogue. With amazing talent like Deru, Landau, Helios, Machinedrum, etc they are becoming one of my all-time favourite labels.
                • alphalogic's avatar
                  A really good young IDM lable, that releases stuff of some "famous" IDM|Downbeat artists like lackluster, brothomstates. I would prefer they would release more of there stuff on vinyl. But nevertheless its a great label.