Longwear Plating


Also known as Longwear Stamper Company, Long Wear Stamper Corp.

From lacquer discs this company made the metal parts that were pressed by Plastic Products, Presswell, Monarch Record Mfg. Co., Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Pitman, Specialty Records Corporation, Shelley Products and others. Longwear's work is identifiable by a matrix etching of "LW". These etchings can be either in capitals or cursive. The "LW" is often "stacked," or diagonal, and/or rotated 90 degrees; also generally located well away from other matrix markings.

The company president was Jack Berman at least beginning late-1959.

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When adding this profile to a submission, please compare and confirm that the etching conforms to the uploaded images. On some Warner Bros. and Capitol releases, "LW" can be found in the matrix code, but this is not an indicator for Longwear. See Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Los Angeles.

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Long Wear Stamper Corp.
36-41 36th St.
Long Island City, N.Y. 11106 , , , Google , Google


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