KPM 1000 Series


This series of 12", 33⅓ rpm long playing records is additional to our regular library of 10", 78 rpm records. LP recordings are issued in this series in cases when due to the special interest of the music or to the generic similarities of the material recorded, it is preferable to group all the items on one record rather than to disperse them over a number of 78 rpm discs. For collectors it is worth noting that the first releases / pressings of the early KPM 1000 series and KPM INT releases have the 10 square / grid picture sleeves - up until KPM 1032. And very often these pressings have the early red, green and white "red star" KPM labels. Second pressing then have the green KPM sleeves, sometimes issued with the early KPM "red star" labels, sometimes with the green and white labels with the small orange type, and with the early two square design on the back of the sleeves. These idiosyncrasies occurred because they often had more LPs than sleeves or the other way around. After this we continue with the classic green sleeves but go to the more familiar funky fonts on the back of the sleeves, with the green and white labels with the black type. These are the third pressings of the early recordings and the only pressing of the later LPs (staring at KPM 1073), all dependent on how popular the albums were to the TV companies they were made for.

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