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Label, division of Fuel 2000 Records.
Please consider the following list of all labels and studios called "The Lab":
1 - Labels & companies:

"The Lab":
The Lab: label, division of Fuel 2000 Records, associated with Universal Music & Video Distribution
The Lab (3): Printing company mentioned on a release by Athens, GA artist Jonathan Miller aka Hand Sand Hands
The Lab (4): label related to The Lab, San Francisco.
The Lab (12): For unofficial releases related to The Lab
The Lab (21): Manchester, UK creative company & label.
The Lab (25): A hip hop production company associated with Junod Etienne.

LAB: electronic music label owned by Ben Amos and Matt Shillito aka CyBin
Lab (3): design company
LAB (4): Label appearing on a US hip-hop release
Lab (6): Italo-disco label
Lab (7): Australian label

2 - Studios:

The Lab, San Francisco: art gallery and studio in San Francisco, CA.
The Lab (20): Another name for Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker's Opra Music Studios in North Hollywood, CA
The Laboratory: Studio located in Los Angeles, CA. Designed by JSX Audio, operated and owned by Bora Karaca.
The Lab, Santa Monica, CA: associated by Matthew Gerrard who previously had a home studio with the same name in Toronto.
The Lab, Silverlake, CA: Recording and mixing studio associated with US engineer and producer Jason Roberts
The Lab on 23rd Ave., Oakland, CA: mentioned on a hip-hop release by reMo Conscious
The Lab, Los Angeles: apparently related to engineer Jason Schweitzer.
The Lab, San Francisco, CA
theLAB Studio, Los Angeles, CA: Recording studio opened in 2008 by Frankie Siragusa and Jay Dawson (2) in Van Nuys, CA.
The Lab, Sherman Oaks, CA: Studio associated with Steve Baughman

The Lab: Stamford, Connecticut

The Lab (10): Recording studio in North Miami Beach, FL. Associated with producer duo The Committee (4).
The Lab Studios, Orlando, FL

The Lab (19): Recording place in Marietta, GA, mentioned on a release by US jazz artist Bob Baldwin

The Lab (7): Mastering Studio of Indianapolis DJ and engineer Rick Simons aka Symbl.

The Lab, Baltimore, MD: mentioned on a release by hip-hop artists Lone Catalysts.

The Lab, Detroit, MI: Studio associated with US hip-hop producer Jay Dee.

The Lab, St Paul: live venue in St Paul, MN

The Laboratory, Jackson, MS: mentioned on a release by The American Analog Set.

The Lab, Raleigh, NC: probably associated with hip-hop producer Denver A. Wright.

The Lab, Manchester, NH: mentioned on a GG Allin release

The Lab (9): studio in New Jersey owned by T.M. Stevens
The Lab, Glassboro, NJ: Studio associated with engineer Tim Toz
The Lab Studio, W. Orange, NJ: same as The "Lab" Recording Studio. I suggest keeping only The Lab Studio, W. Orange, NJ.
The Lab, NJ

The Lab Studios, NY, The Lab, NYC & The Lab, New York, NY: I wonder if all 3 should be merged. Probably the same as The Lab (18) too, Alchemist seems to be a common point.
The Lab (40): Bashiri Johnson's recording studio in Brooklyn, New York.

The Lab Studios, Dayton, Ohio

The Lab Studio, Portland: could be related to US engineer & producer John Neff (2).

The Lab Recording Studio, Philadelphia, Pa

The Lab, Greensburg, PN: mentioned on releases by The Juliana Theory

Lab East, Franklin TN, run by Todd Collins.

The Lab Studio, VA: A DIY recording studio in Alexandria, VA. Created by the band Oklahoma Car Crash.

The Laboratory, Seattle, WA: mentioned on a release by Seattle supergroup Tuatara.

The Laboratory Recording Studio, Milwaukee, WI

The Lab Studios: studio in San Juan, Puerto Rico, owned by Echo (20)

Unknown US locations:
The Lab (22): Electronic/noise artist Ryan Copeland's home studio.
The Lab Studios (3): Recording place for releases by Memphis hip-hop artist Gangsta Pat

LAB (5): Studio in the UK, associated with Dean Garcia.
Lab Studio: Recording studio located in an Art Centre in Clapham, London. Opened in 2001 and operated by producer Drew Horley.
The Laboratory (5): UK studio related to Jeckyl / Hyperstate.
The Lab Studio, Liverpool: studio in Liverpool.
The Lab, Bristol: related to engineer Mixmaster M.
The Lab On Enfield: mentioned on a hip-hop release by Sirah One & DJ Hoppa
The Lab, Hockley: Studio located in Hockley, Birmingham, UK.
The Laboratory, London: mentioned on a release by Coco Steel & Lovebomb. No idea if it's the same as Lab Studio.
The Lab, W10: ?
The Lab Stratford : Recording place in Stratford, associated with UK rapper Lowkey
The Lab (36): Danny Breaks' recording studio.

TheLab Hamburg
TheLab Duisburg
Lab Studio, Berlin: Associated with Thomas Fehlmann and The Orb.
The Laboratory, Germany: Sometimes also referred to DBS Labs or DBS Laboratories. Home-studio run by Dynamic Bass System aka Thomas Werner (2).
The Lab (38): Marc Mennigmann's, recording studio in Dortmund, Germany.

The Lab (8): Belgian mastering studio.
The Lab (31): Studio in Vienna
The Lab (32): live venue in Copenhagen
Lab (2): Spanish mastering studio, probably in Zaragoza
The Lab Studio: studio, probably in Italy.
The Laboratory (4): Located in Amsterdam. Also known as Laboratory Of Sonic Discovery or L.O.S.D.. This is for company credits in conjunction with the remastering of tape releases by Korm Plastics.
LAB Studio, Lille: Lille, France
LAB Studio Sandnes: Sandnes, Norway.
The Lab Studio (3): probably in Greece.
Lab Studio, Thessaloniki in Greece
The Lab, Lund in Lund, Sweden
Lab Studios, Dublin

The Lab, Hamilton, Ont.
The Lab, Hammonds Plain, Canada
The Lab, Montréal, Québec
The Lab, Toronto: Recording studio associated with Matthew Gerrard.
Laboratory Studios, T.O.: Toronto based studio associated with Frank Fallico.
The Lab Recording Studio (2): studio in Barrie, Ontario, associated to Canadian hip-hop producer James DaSilva (2).
The Laboratory Studios in Vancouver, BC

The Lab (13): studio in Australia, possibly in Sydney.
The Lab (26): Studio in Sydney, Australia, possibly related to guitarist and engineer Damien Chambers
The Lab, Broughton Creek: in Australia
The Lab, Perth
The Lab (23) : Recording place, probably in Melbourne, Australia, related to Dan McDougall (2)

Other locations:
The Lab, Auckland: Studio in Auckland, NZ.
The Lab Studios (2): studio in Brazil owned by Trance artists Killer Buds.

Unknown locations:
The Lab (2): mentioned on a hip-hop release by Mic Virus & Konfadent.
The Lab (6): studio associated with UK electronic band Komputer - apprently the same as The Laboratory (2).
The Lab (11): mentioned on releases by electronic band 4FR
The Lab (14): mentioned on a release by UK garage band Sonic Science
The Lab (16): mentioned on a release by US indie band Joan Of Arc
The Lab (17): mentioned on a Canadian grindcore release.
The Lab (18): Recording studio related to US hip-hop artist Babu aka The Turntablist, OR Alchemist
The Lab (24): mentioned on a release by electronic group Subsurfing
The Labs: mentioned on electronic releases from the UK.
The Lab Recording Facility: mentioned on a hip-hop elease by Twistit (2).
The Laboratory (3): Mixing studio mentioned on a release by German space rock band Johnson Noise
Laboratory Studio: Recording studio, possibly related to Romanian band Coughy
Lab Studios (3): mentioned on a UK hip-hop release by Giggs (2)
The Lab (5): Studio associated with French producers Johnny Williams (3) and Louis Element, probably in France.

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