Dyslexic Response


"What is your goal?"

"Fuckin' shit up!!"


"Cuz yer music sux shit, ASSHOLE!!"

"Who are you?"

"()*. BoMbArdiER ?%{
# MiNioN ?
.! VENetIuN SN@ReZ ># ,
$$ OP+i< $$
; HE^DcR@sH . >. , /
&^^% ANeurYSm */..#
.! NoiZe PunIshMENt >
.! MenTAl OuTPUT >"

dYs/ex|< rESp0nsE is Isolate's bastard spawn. It is its label division
devoted to noise, harsh beats, and extreme experimental wackiness!
dYs/ex!< is NOT about subtlety, or style. Check these records out
at your own risk... They may be harmful to your mental health!
(disclaimer: Isolate Rec. takes NO responsibility for any possible hearing
damage that may be incurred via use or play of dYsLexi< products.)

Parent Label:Isolate
Contact Info:

Isolate Records
P.O. Box 117598
Burlingame, CA
94011-7598 USA

E-mail: [email protected], (DEFUNCT) [email protected]


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