Ariola Eurodisc GmbH


German record company, mainly known for the Ariola label. Also referred to as just "Ariola Eurodisc" and "Ariola-Eurodisc GmbH, München" and "Ariola-Eurodisc GmbH, Gütersloh".

Existing from 1963 (decided in September, officially registered on 4 November 1963) until 1987 (decided in February, officially registered in August 1987), when it got renamed to BMG Ariola München GmbH.

First located in Gütersloh, the company started to move activities to Munich beginning in 1969 with the music production management and the distribution department. The move was completed in 1972 and the new headquarter Munich was officially registered on 7 March 1972.

The company started in 1958 as Ariola Schallplatten GmbH (sometimes shortened to Ariola GmbH on some releases). From 1962-1963 the company was named Ariola-Sonopress GmbH.

Please use Ariola Eurodisc GmbH as Record Company and/or as manufacturer/distributor, when mentioned accordingly on release.

Labels that have been manufactured and distributed by Ariola-Eurodisc GmbH:
ABC Records (LC 0454, from 1975 to 1980)
A&M Records (from 1971 to 1976)
Ariola (LC 0116)
Arista (LC 3484, from 1979)
Baby Records (2) (LC 4554)
Bronze (LC 2313)
CGD (LC 0150)
China Records (LC 1896)
Chrysalis (LC 1626)
Coconut (LC 7472)
Eurodisc (LC 0202)
Hansa (LC 0835)
Island Records (LC 0407, from 1971)
Jupiter Records (LC 3379, from 1973)
Liberty (from 1967)
Maritim (LC 2525)
MCA Records (LC 1056, from 1978)
Мелодия (LC 6969, from 1965)
Reprise Records (from 1964 to 1965)
Sire (LC 3228, from 1978 to 1981)
Supraphon (LC 0358)
United Artists Records (LC 0379)
Virgin (LC 3098)

Between 1971 to 1978, releases may have a sticker on the back of the cover with 5 digits and IT, ET, XOT, XAT, AT letters. Those releases are imported from foreign countrys for distribution in Germany. This information belongs to the Release Notes only, e.g. "Some import copies have a sticker with 87 979 IT, which is associated with Ariola Eurodisc GmbH." Do not add "Ariola Eurodisc GmbH" to the "Distributed By" lccn field if it doesn't appear printed on release itself.

Sublabels:Arabella, Ariola America, Inc., Ariola Benelux B.V., Ariola Eurodisc Benelux B.V., Ariola Eurodisc Ltd., Ariola Eurodisc S.A., Ariola Group Of Companies, Ariola Records Ltd., Ariola-Athena, Ariola-Eurodisc AG, Zürich, ...
Contact Info:

[all obsolete]

Munich (1969 - 1987):
Steinhauser Str. 3
8000 Munich 80
Tel.: 0811 / 41361 or 41367
Telex: 523487

Second address:
Arabellastr. 4
8000 Munich 81
Tel: 0811 / 91-10-71

Gütersloh (1964 - 1969):
Postfach 2369
4830 Gütersloh 1
Tel.: 05241 / 841
Telex 933787


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