WEA Filipacchi Music


French division of WEA International in the 1970s, started on 1 July 1971 as Kinney Filipacchi Music and renamed WEA Filipacchi Music mid-1972. Sometimes printed as WEA/Filipacchi Music or WEA F.M. Please use WEA Music (2) when credited as such.

- Predecessor Kinney Filipacchi Music started importing matrices directly from the US, which were marked in the runouts by an etched "KFM". This mark still appears on WEA releases well into 1973, please credited with "Manufactured By - Kinney Filipacchi Music."
- WE xxx is a price code introduced in 1979 and should always be added as such in the BaOI section, not as catalogue number.

Parent Label:WEA Filipacchi Music S.A.
Sublabels:Coffret 3 Disques, Général Music France, LR Laurent Rossi, Serie Chouchou, Special Disc-Jockey
Contact Info:

Distribution WEA Filipacchi Music
70, Avenue des Champs Elysées
75008 Paris

Tel: #33 (1) 43 59 12 90


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