Plex Records

Plex Records

Plex (est. 2005) is a net-label focusing on minimal approach in every kind of electronic music.

We are NOT particularly specialized in any style of material. We love funk, disco, electro, techno, minimal music, electronica, experimental and many more. A good definition would be "dance culture (but not only), with geek attitude". But be careful, we don't care about hype. To us what really matters is what we hear. And above all, we love synthetic sound, and our whish is to make you hear some good electronic stuff, from dancefloor to chill-out.

We want to bring you quality original synthetic music.

Detroit. Chicago. New York. Berlin. Sheffield. San Francisco. Montreal. Stockholm. If these cities mean something to you, you may like Plex.
Contact Info:
Founders & Label Management: Laurent Mahuteau & Cédric Ruimy
Coordinators: Laurent Mahuteau & Davy Douhine
Email: [email protected]



Status Catalog Number  Image Artist Title ( Format) Label Catalog Number  Country Year Actions
plx001 Omas FGT - Revenge Omas FGT Revenge(3xFile, MP3) Plex Records plx001 France 2005
plx002 Various - Static Movement Various Static Movement(7xFile, MP3) Plex Records plx002 France 2005
plx003 V.Rotz / Akan - Capsule Crash / Narcolepsy V.Rotz / Akan V.Rotz / Akan - Capsule Crash / Narcolepsy(2xFile, MP3, VBR) Plex Records plx003 France 2005
plx004 Lomov - Fehlfarben Lomov Fehlfarben(5xFile, MP3) Plex Records plx004 France 2005
plx005 Various - Europa Various Europa(8xFile, MP3) Plex Records plx005 France 2006
plx006 Brasswork Agency - Plastic Smile Brasswork Agency Plastic Smile(4xFile, MP3, VBR) Plex Records plx006 France 2006
plx 007 .at/on - Univ_rse .at/on Univ_rse(3xFile, MP3, Single, 320) Plex Records plx 007 France 2006
plx008 Various - Jackstrap Various Jackstrap(6xFile, MP3, Comp, VBR) Plex Records plx008 France 2006
plx009 Nhar - Cisland Nhar Cisland(2xFile, EP, VBR) Plex Records plx009 France 2006
plx010 Cyclyk - Calcified Cyclyk Calcified(4xFile, MP3) Plex Records plx010 France 2006
plx011 Keinzweiter - Mounted Mars Keinzweiter Mounted Mars(3xFile, MP3, EP, 128) Plex Records plx011 France 2006
plx012 Hopen - Nine In Böhmen Hopen Nine In Böhmen(2xFile, MP3, 128) Plex Records plx012 France 2007
plx013 Tyler Smith - The Clockmaker Tyler Smith The Clockmaker(4xFile, MP3, EP, VBR) Plex Records plx013 France 2007
plx014 Kalope - Stenigot Kalope Stenigot(3xFile, MP3) Plex Records plx014 France 2007
plx015 Brasswork Agency - Plastic Smile Remixes Brasswork Agency Plastic Smile Remixes(3xFile, MP3, VBR) Plex Records plx015 France 2007
plx016 Evolent - Rise & Fall Evolent Rise & Fall(3xFile, MP3) Plex Records plx016 Switzerland 2008
plx017 Samonoka - Samonoka EP Samonoka Samonoka EP(5xFile, MP3, EP) Plex Records plx017 France 2008
plx018 Various - Europa 2008 Various Europa 2008(5xFile, MP3) Plex Records plx018 France 2008