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Christian Records

Christian Records releases progressive breaks and inspiring house music.

CR2CD series is compiled by Cristian Paduraru with upcoming tracks available for licensing.

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Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
3003 Christmas With Clay Crosse  album cover Clay Crosse Christmas With Clay Crosse(CD, Album) Christian Records 3003 USA, Canada & UK 2002 Sell This Version
99999 Left Behind II Urban Hip Hop  album cover Various Left Behind II Urban Hip Hop(CD, Comp) Christian Records 99999 US 2002 Sell This Version
824973304626 Proclaim  album cover David Huff Proclaim(CD, Album) Christian Records 824973304626 US 2004 Sell This Version
CHRIST100820 In The World  album cover Icey Wink In The World(File, MP3) Christian Records CHRIST100820 US 2010
CHRIST100903 Yoke Is Easy  album cover Icey Wink Yoke Is Easy(File, MP3) Christian Records CHRIST100903 US 2010
CHRIST100917 Tactical Shepherding  album cover Funkocrat Tactical Shepherding(File, MP3) Christian Records CHRIST100917 US 2010
CHRIST101008 Beyond The Sea  album cover Fire In Water Beyond The Sea(File, MP3) Christian Records CHRIST101008 US 2010
CHRIST101022 Fountain Of Living Water  album cover Fire In Water Fountain Of Living Water(File, MP3) Christian Records CHRIST101022 US 2010
CHRIST101105 Forgiven  album cover Cristian Paduraru Forgiven(File, MP3) Christian Records CHRIST101105 US 2010
CHRIST101119 Meaningful Participation  album cover Fire In Water Meaningful Participation(File, MP3) Christian Records CHRIST101119 US 2010
CHRIST101203 Motivational Perception  album cover Funkocrat Motivational Perception(File, MP3) Christian Records CHRIST101203 US 2010
CHRIST110107 Bend Not Break  album cover Various Bend Not Break(File, Mixed) Christian Records CHRIST110107 US 2010
CHRIST110701 Boldly Sacrifice  album cover Fire In Water Boldly Sacrifice(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CHRIST110701 US 2011
CHRIST110805 Keep Growing Healthy  album cover Funkocrat Keep Growing Healthy(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CHRIST110805 US 2011
CHRIST110902 Serving Slave  album cover Funkocrat Serving Slave(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CHRIST110902 US 2011
CHRIST111007 Unleashing Comfort  album cover Funkocrat Unleashing Comfort(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CHRIST111007 US 2011
CHRIST111021 Sacrifice Theme  album cover Cristian Paduraru Sacrifice Theme(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CHRIST111021 US 2011
CHRIST111104 Pentateuch Timeline  album cover Funkocrat Pentateuch Timeline(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CHRIST111104 US 2011
CHRIST111118 History Documentary  album cover Deepient History Documentary(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CHRIST111118 US 2011
CHRIST111216 Cristian Paduraru Amazing Guidance(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CHRIST111216 Romania 2011
CHRIST120120 Ambient Homestyle  album cover Various Ambient Homestyle(17xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Christian Records CHRIST120120 Romania 2012
CHRIST120203 Funkocrat Metanoia Changes Minds(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CHRIST120203 Romania 2012
CHRIST120218 Weunite  album cover Cristian Paduraru Weunite(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CHRIST120218 Romania 2012
CHRIST120302 Foredeem  album cover Funkocrat Foredeem(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CHRIST120302 Romania 2012
CHRIST120316 Cristian Paduraru Global Letters(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CHRIST120316 Romania 2012
CHRIST 120330 Destination Heaven  album cover Feelectro Destination Heaven(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CHRIST 120330 Romania 2012
CHRIST 120420 Funkocrat Forguide(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CHRIST 120420 Romania 2012
CR2CD05 Progressive Expression  album cover Various Progressive Expression(13xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD05 US 2009
CR2CD09 Progressive Revival  album cover Various Progressive Revival(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD09 US 2008
CR2CD10 Inspirational Motivational  album cover Various Inspirational Motivational(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD10 US 2008
CR2CD11 Back To Basic Convictions  album cover Various Back To Basic Convictions(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD11 US 2008
CR2CD12 Energic Enthusiasm  album cover Various Energic Enthusiasm(20xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Christian Records CR2CD12 US 2008
CR2CD13 Aerobic Fitness Session 1  album cover Various Aerobic Fitness Session 1(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD13 US 2008
CR2CD14 Celebrating The Resurrection  album cover Various Celebrating The Resurrection(20xFile, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD14 US 2008
CR2CD15 Deeper Spring Refresh  album cover Various Deeper Spring Refresh(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD15 US 2008
CR2CD16 Progressive Movers & Shakers  album cover Various Progressive Movers & Shakers(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD16 US 2008
CR2CD17 Electro House Makes You Move  album cover Various Electro House Makes You Move(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD17 US 2008
CR2CD18 Global Balance Between Techno & House  album cover Various Global Balance Between Techno & House(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD18 US 2008
CR2CD19 Why Don't You Give It A Try?  album cover Various Why Don't You Give It A Try?(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD19 US 2008
CR2CD20 Grow Aware & Relate4ever  album cover Various Grow Aware & Relate4ever(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD20 US 2008
CR2CD21 Male & Female Married For Life  album cover Various Male & Female Married For Life(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD21 US 2008
CR2CD22 Inspiring House Music  album cover Various Inspiring House Music(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD22 US 2008
CR2CD23 Good Vibrations  album cover Various Good Vibrations(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD23 US 2008
CR2CD24 Using Stumbling Blocks As Stepping Stones  album cover Various Using Stumbling Blocks As Stepping Stones(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD24 US 2008
CR2CD25 Yespiring Yesitivity  album cover Various Yespiring Yesitivity(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD25 US 2008
CR2CD26 Spinning Inspiring House Music  album cover Various Spinning Inspiring House Music(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD26 US 2008
CR2CD27 Visualize Vibrant Feeling  album cover Various Visualize Vibrant Feeling(20xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Christian Records CR2CD27 US 2008
CR2CD28 Motivated Newheart Heathous  album cover Various Motivated Newheart Heathous(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD28 US 2008
CR2CD29 Stairway To Heaven  album cover Various Stairway To Heaven(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD29 US 2008
CR2CD30 We Love Each Other  album cover Various We Love Each Other(20xFile, MP3, Comp) Christian Records CR2CD30 US 2008
CR2CD301 Gentle Garden  album cover Various Gentle Garden(2xFile, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD301 US 2010
CR2CD302 Choosing Freedom  album cover Various Choosing Freedom(2xFile, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD302 US 2010
CR2CD303 Good Vibrations  album cover Various Good Vibrations(2xFile, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD303 US 2010
CR2CD304 Stepping Stones  album cover Various Stepping Stones(2xFile, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD304 US 2010
CR2CD305 Rainy Dance  album cover Various Rainy Dance(2xFile, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD305 US 2010
CR2CD306 Great Thoughts  album cover Various Great Thoughts(2xFile, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD306 Europe 2010
CR2CD307 Je Taime  album cover Various Je Taime(2xFile, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD307 US 2010
CR2CD100703 Beating Heart  album cover Yesitive Beating Heart(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD100703 US 2010
CR2CD100710 Enduring Foundations  album cover Enthusiasm Enduring Foundations(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD100710 Europe 2010
CR2CD100717 Stages Of Growth  album cover Newheart Stages Of Growth(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD100717 US 2010
CR2CD100724 Repent Or Repeat  album cover Visualize Repent Or Repeat(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD100724 Europe 2010
CR2CD100731 Inspiring The Musicmaker  album cover Carola Bianca Inspiring The Musicmaker(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD100731 Europe 2010
CR2CD100807 Walking Bright  album cover 4speakers Walking Bright(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD100807 US 2010
CR2CD100814 Universal Transformation  album cover Storytelling Universal Transformation(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD100814 US 2010
CR2CD100821 Whats Your Vision  album cover Visualize Whats Your Vision(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD100821 US 2010
CR2CD100828 Unilateral Giving  album cover Masterpiece (7) Unilateral Giving(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD100828 US 2010
CR2CD100904 Gathering Awareness  album cover Feeling Gathering Awareness(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD100904 US 2010
CR2CD100911 Step On Your Own Acceleration  album cover Woooshaa Step On Your Own Acceleration(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD100911 UK 2010
CR2CD100918 Riding Horses  album cover Windenergy Riding Horses(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD100918 US 2010
CR2CD100925 Releasing Potential  album cover Visualize Releasing Potential(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD100925 US 2010
CR2CD101127 Motivational Perspective  album cover Masterpiece (7) Motivational Perspective(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD101127 US 2010
CR2CD101204 Patterns Customized  album cover Phenomen Patterns Customized(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD101204 US 2010
CR2CD101211 Restoring Originality  album cover Coolerika Restoring Originality(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD101211 US 2010
CR2CD101218 Unleashing Celebration  album cover Julia Jordan Unleashing Celebration(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD101218 US 2010
CR2CD101222 Creative Proghouse Music (Deejayfriendly December Sampler)  album cover Various Creative Proghouse Music (Deejayfriendly December Sampler)(10xFile, MP3, Smplr) Christian Records CR2CD101222 US 2010
CR2CD101225 Revival Heart  album cover Yesitive Revival Heart(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD101225 US 2010
CR2CD110101 Freeing Your Mind  album cover Masterpiece (7) Freeing Your Mind(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD110101 US 2010
CR2CD110108 Kind Stories  album cover Ketaneo Kind Stories(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CD110108 US 2010
CR2CD110226 Vibrant Proghouse Music  album cover Various Vibrant Proghouse Music(10xFile, MP3, 320) Christian Records CR2CD110226 US 2011
CR2CD110421 Lost Was Found  album cover Cristian Paduraru Lost Was Found(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CR2CD110421 US 2011
CR2CD110519 Progressive Reality  album cover Cristian Paduraru Progressive Reality(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CR2CD110519 US 2011
CR2CD110714 Battle Of Life  album cover Coolerika Battle Of Life(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CR2CD110714 US 2011
CR2CD110811 Cheerleading Beach  album cover Yesitive Cheerleading Beach(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CR2CD110811 US 2011
CR2CD110915 Hotraining Session  album cover Heathous Hotraining Session(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CR2CD110915 US 2011
CR2CD111013 Blacksea Rhythms  album cover Coolerika Blacksea Rhythms(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CR2CD111013 US 2011
CR2CD111110 Silence For God  album cover Coolerika Silence For God(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CR2CD111110 US 2011
CR2CD120112 Cooling Factor  album cover Coolerika Cooling Factor(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CR2CD120112 US 2012
CR2CD120209 Doar Tu Doamne  album cover Coolerika Doar Tu Doamne(File, MP3, 320) Christian Records CR2CD120209 Romania 2012
CR2CD 120225 Tribalmixes Promopool  album cover Various Tribalmixes Promopool(14xFile, MP3, 320) Christian Records CR2CD 120225 Romania 2012
CR2CDCOM001 Fulfilling Dreams  album cover Cristian Paduraru Fulfilling Dreams(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CDCOM001 US 2010
CR2CDCOM002 Higher State  album cover 1st Class Higher State(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CDCOM002 US 2010
CR2CDCOM003 Consulting The Wise  album cover Coolerika Consulting The Wise(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CDCOM003 Europe 2010
CR2CDCOM004 Share The Feeling  album cover Yesitive Share The Feeling(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CDCOM004 US 2010
CR2CDCOM005 Increasing Energy  album cover Windenergy Increasing Energy(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CDCOM005 US 2010
CR2CDCOM006 The The Time Is Now  album cover Visualize The The Time Is Now(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CDCOM006 US 2010
CR2CDCOM007 Teaching Hearts  album cover Coolerika Teaching Hearts(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CDCOM007 Europe 2010
CR2CDCOM008 Flywheel  album cover Yesitive Flywheel(File, MP3) Christian Records CR2CDCOM008 US 2010
CR002-D130 Cristian Paduraru Made In Wishland(File, MP3) Christian Records CR002-D130 Europe 2001
CR003-D125 Cristian Paduraru Open Minded(File, MP3) Christian Records CR003-D125 Romania Unknown
CR006-E130 Cristian Paduraru Pozitive Education(File, MP3) Christian Records CR006-E130 Europe 2002