CAM (Creazioni Artistiche Musicali) Records, in Italy, began their life in the latter part of 1959 and the early days of 1960. Founded by the Campi brothers, this now familiar and prominent record company and music publisher, was one of the first recording labels to specialise in releasing music from the cinema on to record. It was CAM that acted as the inspiration for companies that were established in later years, such as Varese Sarabande, Silva Screen and Intrada. CAM's catalog was acquired in early 2011 by Sugar Music.
Sublabel: CAM / Cam-Amico / Cam-Campieditore / Cam-Det / Cam-Gong / Cam-Phoenix / Cam-TV Film / Cam-TV Sorrisi E Canzoni

As publisher use Edizioni Musicali CAM.

Sublabels:Black Saint, C.A.M. Japan Ltd., CAM Films Production TV, Cam Japan, CAM Original Soundtrack, Cam's Soundtrack Encyclopedia, Cam's Sountrack Encyclopedia, Dischi Della Quercia, Phoenix (5), Soul Note
Contact Info:

Via Cola di Rienzo, 152
00192 Rome, Italy
Phone: 39 06 6840791 - 6874220
Fax 39 06 6874046

CAM S.p.A.
Via Virgilio, 8
00193 Rome, Italy
Phone: 06/3595101 / 352350
Telex: 621195 CAMROM I
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