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House / Deep House / Garage House

Fondly named after the San Francisco neighborhood in which the project was conceived, Inner Sunset Recordings at Duty Studios (a division of Produzione Di Guerra and ITD;FTN productions) was founded 2003 in effort to provide underground / non-mainstream DJs and dance music enthusiests with quality MIDI-based dance tracks.

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  • InnerSunsetRec's avatar
    New Homero G. coming out July 27, 2022, on Inner Sunset Recordings sibling label PDG Discs. At:
    • hanksiedonny's avatar
      wow, what a label. Stumbled on this by pure chance, consistently high quality tunes.
      • MarioPenati's avatar
        Inner Sunset Recordings is surely one of the current best deep house record label. beautiful keys, boucing bass, banging drums, smooth vocals... every release is pure gold!! quite weird these releases are not getting more attention!!
        • sdli93's avatar
          Edited 6 years ago
          Yes, seems that the most copies from the label dont find its way to Europe ... So ISR, if ya read this, you might thinking of making a bandcamp accout like some other user wrote in the comments ... would be GREAT - and an easy way to make these gems available for more music lovers over the world! : )
          • ianers's avatar
            Edited 9 years ago
            Homero G and Lowtops ones are the best
            • DjTetoz's avatar
              magicmagicmagic label...fantastic's beats, athmosphere, deep...+++
              • lassemaersk's avatar
                Looking forward and constantly hoping for new records from this label/artist(s)....
                Fingers crossed - your sounds are amazing!!
                • kedge's avatar
                  Edited one month ago
                  delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete
                  • Bourbonman's avatar
                    Possibly the first chapter in the Jersey house revival. Very low key when they came out i guess, but came to everyone´s attention when MLIU started to stir the scene. Expect to empty your bank account if any of these ever come for sale!
                    • oider's avatar
                      Edited 10 years ago
                      that first release is one of my all time favorites, im really still thinking about buying the first one a second time even if its 50 bucks (!). you definitely wont find those records anywhere for cheap in the future, thats assured.

                      hope that they WILL give us some bomb new releases in the future...

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