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Inner Sunset Recordings InnerSunsetRec

June 12, 2022
New Homero G. coming out July 27, 2022, on Inner Sunset Recordings sibling label PDG Discs. At:

Inner Sunset Recordings hanksiedonny

August 6, 2019
wow, what a label. Stumbled on this by pure chance, consistently high quality tunes.

Inner Sunset Recordings MarioPenati

August 23, 2018
Inner Sunset Recordings is surely one of the current best deep house record label. beautiful keys, boucing bass, banging drums, smooth vocals... every release is pure gold!! quite weird these releases are not getting more attention!!

Inner Sunset Recordings sdli93

December 31, 2017
edited over 6 years ago
Yes, seems that the most copies from the label dont find its way to Europe ... So ISR, if ya read this, you might thinking of making a bandcamp accout like some other user wrote in the comments ... would be GREAT - and an easy way to make these gems available for more music lovers over the world! : )

Inner Sunset Recordings pacun

May 31, 2018
Yes, seems that the most copies from the label dont find its way to Europe ... So ISR, if ya read this, you might thinking of making a bandcamp accout like some other user wrote in the comments ... would be GREAT - and an easy way to make these gems available for more music lovers over the world! : )

ISR1208 and 1209 copies went to Vinyl Underground UK / Carpet & Snares Lisbon / Sleeve Records Firenze / Bordello A Parigi (soon). ISR 1210 and 1211 due out soon. Contact us anytime for label information - Hope that helps some. Thank you, PBV

Inner Sunset Recordings ianers

January 29, 2015
edited over 9 years ago
Homero G and Lowtops ones are the best

Inner Sunset Recordings A.Arti

October 12, 2015
Listen to A2 of the The Attendants' Fog Projects EP, then talk. lol.

Inner Sunset Recordings DjTetoz

September 24, 2014
magicmagicmagic label...fantastic's beats, athmosphere, deep...+++

Inner Sunset Recordings lassemaersk

September 5, 2014
Looking forward and constantly hoping for new records from this label/artist(s)....
Fingers crossed - your sounds are amazing!!

Inner Sunset Recordings kedge

February 26, 2014
edited over 10 years ago
Deep house music definitely does not get much better than this. It is rare to find a label with releases of such a consistently high quality. I can listen through from Bay Memories to Party Balm with a huge smile on my face and not skip through a second from any of the 22 tracks. Usually when I buy a record, there's only one or two stand out tracks which will get played. Where as with Inner Sunset, I love to listen to each and every track. The bass on these records is just something else!
If you consider yourself a fan of true underground house music track down these releases at all costs. These five will NEVER leave my bag.

Inner Sunset Recordings Bourbonman

October 16, 2013
Possibly the first chapter in the Jersey house revival. Very low key when they came out i guess, but came to everyone´s attention when MLIU started to stir the scene. Expect to empty your bank account if any of these ever come for sale!

Inner Sunset Recordings oider

June 4, 2013
edited over 10 years ago
that first release is one of my all time favorites, im really still thinking about buying the first one a second time even if its 50 bucks (!). you definitely wont find those records anywhere for cheap in the future, thats assured.

hope that they WILL give us some bomb new releases in the future...

Inner Sunset Recordings childrentalking

September 14, 2012
no thanks to the represses, yes please to some new music.

Inner Sunset Recordings Optic_

February 13, 2012
Would love to se more from these guys.. :)

Inner Sunset Recordings ianers

June 1, 2010
edited over 11 years ago
Great label,Anybody know of any other Homero G,The Attendents or Low Top records around,ive searched online but cant find anything

Inner Sunset Recordings as reviewed by donlynchy003

May 20, 2009
I couldn't agree more with Brother Izmo- "These Boys Are Special..."

I've been on them since release No.2 and the quality has remained throughout. Not just the quality of the grooves, but all aspects of each release. The artwork is clean & faultless, the wax solid & crisp with the absolute highest sound quality. The subbase oozes out of my speakers. Even the damn plain black card sleeves are a cut above...

My only gripe is that each release takes soooooooooo long coming. They are completely independant & as such, each pressing is a massive financial drain. Plus it don't help that they're such perfectionists! I was having a conversation with Homero waaay back about the original, ultra rare cut of "Summertime, Heart & Freedom" (ISR-1203). He was explaining how the run was halted at some really random number like 27 or something as they weren't 100% about it. I know a LOT of people who at that stage would have just said 'Screw it, let's just pump it out & make some money'

Not these guys...

It's been almost 18 months now since the "Articles Of Beautification EP"- hopefully we'll be getting our next 'fix' pretty damn soon!!!

There's a lotta love coming outta this Frisco outfit; and these cuts are definately for real connesseurs.

Much love, Homero. Lynchy, Loves 'ya!!!

Inner Sunset Recordings as reviewed by izmo

March 9, 2009
This label is one of the only real underground house imprint from the 21st century. Each release catches the essence of house and garage with its own signature sound provided by Homero G. and sometimes the help of co-owner Asphalt Haynes.
Heavily influenced by the timeless soul and vibe of the 90's, ISR keeps it real and underground by essence, not surfing any wave or pretending to be what they're not.
This music is for the real heads and connoisseurs only but its great enough to please anyone who can tell when music is just good.

It doesnt get better than this. Respect ;-)

Inner Sunset Recordings matty_S

May 19, 2011
Glad I have all the releases, shame the label never put more out.