Former East German label; previously owned by VEB Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin.
Label Code: LC 0549 / LC 00549
ETERNA, founded February 3rd, 1947 in Germany. After 1949, it was the German Democratic Republic's foremost label for classical music, political songs, folk, some jazz and religious recordings by LIED DER ZEIT GmbH, which is the predecessor of VEB Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin resp. Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin. ETERNA is modified from the Latin "aeternus" = "eternal".
This label is essentially defunct; however, reissues usually appear on label Berlin Classics.

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The release year can usually be recognized from the last two figures of AG 511/1/xx on the cover. It's the print permission date code for the sleeve. The second clue to the release year can be found in runouts, and this information is in most of the cases identical to the year found in the print permission date code. IF the two differ, please use year found in the runouts as a reference for the release year entry e.g. check Sind Die Lichter Angezündet as an example where print permission data code points to 1971, while runouts information points to 1972.

Items with catalog numbers like [x x0 xxx] are mono-releases, while catalogue numbers like [x x5 xxx] or [x x6 xxx] indicate stereo sound. This applies to all pre-1991 releases on the Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin sublabels.

Parent Label:edel music & entertainment GmbH
Sublabels:Aus der Welt der Oper, Bachs Orgelwerke Auf Silbermannorgeln, Deutsch Auf Sprechplatten Für Ausländer, Die Schöne Stimme, Die Welt Der Oper, ETERNA Edition, HAYDN Klaviersonaten, Hymnen Der Welt, Kantaten, Lieder Der Völker, ... ,


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    Not to find here:
    Aram Khatchaturian Sinfonie Nr. 3 C-Dur
    Gajaneh Szenen
    Label: Eterna (GDR) - 8 26 304
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation
    Released: 1973