W.M.O./r was a Spanish independent label, initially started in 2001 by a Basque experimental musician Mattin to produce his own works, but the catalog soon expanded to various collaborations and Mattin's side projects, and eventually to the diverse set of original works and conceptual albums, as well as several prominent reissues, from international experimental luminaries and upcoming underground pioneers. From the early days, W.M.O./r focused on the radical and fringe spectre of contemporary electronic soundscapes, featuring experimental, abstract ambient, avant-garde pieces, as well as free improv, laptoptronica, harsh noise, sound art/collage, musique concrete and cross-disciplinary experiments that are hard to define in terms of particular genres.

In ten years, W.M.O./r produced forty releases under the headline 'Putting Contradictions Forward In Music Making,' including limited editions (often hand-numbered or stamped) on CD-R and professionally made CD in oversized foldable artwork, multicolored clamshell case, and other forms of extravagant packaging. The label's catalog was distributed by Tochnit Aleph (Berlin), Metamkine (France), Mimaroglu (USA), Arto Artian (Basque Country), Hibari Music (Japan), A-Musik (Germany), and Taumaturgia (Galicia). The label is completely against the idea of intellectual property and supports copying so if you have a copy feel encouraged to distribute it. Just keep in mind that releases are made dealing with the specificity of each format and there are certain possibilities: CD, CD-R, seven-inch and booklets. Most releases have been hosted in Ogg Vorbis and FLAC formats by Erik Schoster/He Can Jog, but all links since then appear to be broken. Selected releases were also uploaded to Archive.org and Free Music Archive.

W.M.O./r and Mattin started strongly with four releases in the first year, including Mattin's solo studio experiments recorded in London in January 2001, Tinnitus – microwave arrangements of different extreme frequencies and physically uncomfortable sinewave noises perhaps aimed at inducing the actual tinnitus as a temporary aftereffect upon listening to the album. The first proper CD release, Sakada, featuring electronic free improv session with Mattin using computer feedback and Eddie Prévost and Rosy Parlane on miscellaneous percussion, was recorded at LMC Sound studios in London in March 2001. An intense 10-min session of harsh noise over eight tracks was released on obscure higu CD-R edition, limited to 50 hand-numbered copies and recorded at Mattin's own Behar Studios in London in July 2001. The first years' creative offerings ended with Purtagiri, duo studio sketches recorded at Behar Studios in August-September 2001 under Bi Rak alias by Mattin (computer feedback) and Denis Dubovtsev on soprano saxophone, a limited edition of 43 numbered CD-R.

The label started off next year with a second proper CD release, Mendietan (the title means 'in the mountains' in Basque). This was a second collaboration with Rosy Parlane, who camped with Mattin in Biscay, Gipuzkoa, and Nafarroa provinces for a week in the early October 2002, thoroughly documenting their aural environment with minidisc recorders and microphones. The processed sounds of Mendietan were never presented 'publicly,' confined to private headphones within the public space. Mattin then presented a set of still photographs to four writers and storytellers, Peio Aguitrre, Xabier Erkizia, Tom Gorgoron and Matthew Hyland, and asked them to perform the role of an active (but blindfolded) listeners, to expose possible and potential narratives in the work independently without access to the sounds that were produced. One of the pieces on the album, Bera I, II and III was created in direct collaboration with Spanish musician, producer and journalist Xabier Erkizia, who post-processed and infused Mattin/Parlane sourced material with new effects, granular outbursts, and deeper dimensions of highly sophisticated digital noise. Mendietan was released on CD with photo/essay booklet.

In 2003, W.M.O./r released only one, but certainly well-curated collection: Vault, 49-min of heavy drones and subtle 'empty room' soundscapes re-created by Mark Wastell (amplified textures) and Mattin (computer feedback) under 'belaska' alias, and recorded by Tim Goldie on 16th Dec 2002 at The Foundry's Vault in London. Four long Untitled tracks were released on CD with 20-page booklet. Texts by Mattin & Zeigam Azizov, Matthew Hyland.

In 2004, the label presented a series of releases, five CD albums and five CD-R editions. A groundbreaking Whitenoise, CD packaged in clear clamshell case, recorded by Mattin (computer feedback) in duo with Radu Malfatti (trombone) on Sept 2003 at legendary Amann Studios, Vienna was selected for Slant Magazine's Top 200: The Best Albums Of The 2000s listing and reviewed by Dan Warburton in June '04 in Wire Magazine Issue 244, (re-appearing in Issue 251 in Jan 2005 as one of the 10 best Jazz & Impro records of the year). This set was paired with Pinknoise, another CD in the pink transparent clamshell case, recorded in April 2004 at Tanker Studios in Tokyo with Mattin's computer feedback over Hijokaidan's Junko vocal. This recording features Junko's vocal very clear and up in the mix, not meshed in the overall noise shebangs of Hijokaidan and Dustbreeders, so she can lead with her pure voice, while Mattin follows with wonderfully scrunched up electronics but because of their different instruments there is this palpable and quite expressive and tasty s-p-a-c-e between them which is what made this disc sound so beautiful and pleasing.

Most important release of the year was a lustrous CD-R edition Luxury, a long-awaited debut release of Deflag Haemorrhage / Haien Kontra, comprising fifteen tracks recorded between July 2002 and Nov 2003 by Mattin (guitar, vocals and computer feedback) and Tim " " [sic] Goldie (drums, vocals, disc, chain and bird whistle), as well as one truly scary field recording from '97 made by Zoe Broughton when she worked undercover as Channel 4 investigative journalist at Huntingdon Life Sciences trying to expose the notorious cruelty to animals tolerated at the facility. Goldie's drumming is savage and ritualistic, penetrating deep beyond the inherently boring free improv percussion routine and utilizing quiet passages and slowly evolving drones to produce a devastating effect on the listeners. Mattin is very unpredictable, switching between the delicate laptoppery that defined his GROB release Building Excess with Klaus Filip, Dean Roberts and Radu Malfatti to blasts of unmitigated sonic terror. This CD-R was re-released by Tochnit Aleph in 2009 as a limited edition of 500 copies on CD, disc and both A5 inserts in oversized golden foil envelope with a sticker.

In 2005, W.M.O./r switched almost exclusively to producing music by other artists, since most of Mattin's records had been handled by other labels already. The label featured CD-R albums by Mark Wastell (Mattin's partner in belaska) solo on 24" tam tam, French sound artist, composer, musician and experimental film-maker Julien Ottavi, abstract noise duo from Spain Hinyouki, Pia Gambardella, and the first 7" single Bilbo's Incinerator by noise-punk band Billy Bao – a new group fronted by Billy Bao, supposedly a Nigerian refugee currently residing in Bilbao. Without even a single photograph and very scarce biographical details available, he might very well be just another fictitious alias made up by experimenter and inventor Mattin specifically for this project; the release also credited Mattin on guitar and Alberto López Martin on drums. Another submission from Billy Bao was R'n'R Granulator, the only CD released on W.M.O./r this year. A 37-min noisy, bass-heavy freeform punk session by Billy Bao, Mattin, Argentinian experimentalist Anla Courtis and Mattin's frequent collaborator Xabier Erkizia on guitars, Alberto L. Martin behind the drumkit, constantly disrupted and melted off in the sudden noise explosions, microwave interludes, and chaotic swirls of electroacoustic glitch pulsations of Pablo Reche's electronics.

Another outstanding release in 2005 was an archival live concert Sion, recorded in November 2001 at Église des Jésuites (Jesuit Church) in Sion, on the river Rhone in the Swiss Alps. David Chiesa (who has been playing in a trio with Eddie Prévost and Tom Chant) on double bass and various objects, Jérôme Noetinger (MIMEO, Metamkine) with electroacoustic device and Lionel Marchetti playing speakers, misc microphones and processing feedback through his electroacoustic setup, as well as Jean-Luc Guionnet (Iannis Xenakis' student and member of Hubbub, who also produced a solo organ album Pentes on A Bruit Secret in '02) howling and jamming deliriously on saxophone, occupied the organ loft and nearby ledges in this enormous building with tremendous natural acoustics, and improvised for over four hours, building a slowly evolving, lowerscale abstract drone with ominous deep bass ultra-slow glissandos and scary bursts of electronic glitch & overload noises. The session was edited down to 80 minutes by Mattin and released on W.M.O./r as a CD-R with a picturesque photo of musicians enjoying the sunset over Swiss Alps on the cover.

The label continued expanding its catalog with a debut submission from a Basque duo La Grieta, a harsh noise session Hermana Hostia recorded by Mattin on computer and drummer Iñigo Eguillor handling percussions with Spanish vocalist Josetxo Anitua. In 2007, Josetxo Anitua joined La Grieta permanently to form experimental trio Josetxo Grieta, which released their debut album Euskal Semea on W.M.O./r. Josetxo committed suicide in Apr 2008, and the band's follow-up album, recorded in Berlin and around Spain and Portugal region from Oct 2006 to May 2007, was released as a limited edition The Art Of Distraction LP by Arnau Sala's label Ozonokids, posthumously dedicated to Josetxo Anitua (1964–2008).

A prominent album 21st Century Field Hollers And Prison Songs by New Zealand musician Bruce Russell was released in cooperation with Ekskubalauron Press on CD-R with 20-pages booklet, meant as a spiritual dedication to original Mississippi Delta blues and Jamaican 'dub versions' from the seventies. A collection of abstract and slow ambient/hazed out blues and extreme electroacoustic drones, drowned in heavy tape hiss and seemingly random, barely audible acoustic artifacts, with occasional instrumental interludes and stripped down vocals appearing through a heavy wall of sound. The album was entirely made of samples taken from Russell's own Midnight Crossroads Tape Recorder Blues album, recorded with Ralf Wehowsky and released by French label A Bruit Secret in 2005. A year later, an American indie label Rococo Records re-released 21st Century Field Hollers And Prison Songs LP in Chicago.

On a more controversial side, W.M.O./r presented Genocidio 20 CD-R, an obscure collection of Maurizio Bianchi's early eighties recordings, mostly revolving around Nazi-themed samples, such as voices of Rudolf Heß, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels, party anthem Horst Wessel Song, etc. Six years later, this album was re-released by Japanese experimental label Kubitsuri Tapes as Oidiconeg (the title reads 'Genocidio' in reverse), CD in a gatefold cardboard sleeve with completely different artwork, limited edition of 500 copies.

In 2007, a highly conceptual album Keith Rowe Serves Imperialism by French industrial/experimental pioneer Michel Henritzi was produced in the edition of 240 copies on CD-R with 8p booklet, dedicated to the memory of Derek Bailey and Masayuki "Jojo" Takayanagi. This disc featured four split-channel tracks, Michel Henritzi occupying right channel with turntable, guitar, hammer, electric saw and acoustic guitar, as well as empty jack, while a range of guests are presented in the left channel: Shinichi Isohata playing 1965 Gibson Johnny Smith electric guitar acoustically, Bruce Russell and Mattin on guitars, and Taku Unami on computer. The tracks were recorded in Sept–Nov 2006 at various locations in Tokyo, Berlin, Kobe, Metz, France and Lyttelton, NZ.

The label also continued h.m.o/r 0x series of CD albums co-released with Taku Unami's Japanese label Hibari Music in 2007, including Abjector [sic] 2xCD, a long-awaited debut solo album by Tim " " [sic] Goldie, one half of Deflag Haemorrhage / Haien Kontra duo, who recorded two free improv sessions for voice and credit card, as well as drums and bird whistle (disc 1), snare drums & guitar amplifiers/leads (disc 2) with two AKG 414 BULLS microphones directly to Tascam DAP1 DAT recorder, no overdubs or effects.

On the reissue side of business, W.M.O./r presented a remastered version of Symphony For A Genocide CD, Maurizio Bianchi's long out-of-print masterpiece from 1981 and one of classics of UK underground experimental/industrial scene; This album was presented as a limited edition of 200 copies with oversized double-sided front sleeve, and co-released with Hospital Productions which delivered an additional 700 copies of standard jewel case version. A chaotic and abstract minimalist noise work with black tunnels of mechanized analog drones and primitivist drum machines was created as a morbid reminder of the Holocaust horror. Next release was a re-issue as well, Emblem CD by Marcia Bassett as Zaïmph (mere technicality, since the 'original' album was released as a more or less private edition of just 10 CD-R copies with handmade artwork on Bassett's own Heavy Blossom label). The album featured two very different tracks, a more abrasive, harsh guitar noise piece with earth-shattering distortion and intentionally low sound quality paired with a mellow 'kosmiche tone' ambient drone.

In 2008, W.M.O./r produced a conceptual album and media archaeology study by Keith Rowe (guitar) and Seymour Wright (alto saxophone), 3xCD-R set 3D with 8p. booklet, released as a limited edition of 150 copies. The album was subtitled 'Three views of guitar and saxophone on a November evening at the Dance Centre in Derby, 2002,' and each disc featured a different recording of the same set, made by David Reid's Sony PD150 video camera with Sony ECM-999PR microphone at the edge of the stage in the center, Chris Trent in the front row on the right, with Tascam DA-P1 DAT machine and a pair of Oktava MK-012s stereo mics, and Jeff Cloke sitting three rows back at the extreme left, with Sony ECM-MS907 stereo microphone on the adjacent seat recording to Sharp MD-MT80H(S) minidisc recorder. In liner notes to the album, Seymour Wright explores a fundamentally problematic nature of documents fixating works of art and particularly improvisations, such as photography, tape or digital recordings. Even the most perfect reproduction lacks to deliver a particular sense of time and space, to thoroughly reproduce the unique existence of the artwork where and when it happens to be. Debating Cornelius Cardew's argument from the 1971 essay Towards an Ethic of Improvisation, who claimed that 'documents such as tape recordings of improvisation are essentially empty, as they preserve chiefly the form that something took and give at best an indistinct hint as to the feeling and cannot convey any sense of time and place,' Wright poses a new question – what if there are several documents or tapes of one improvisation, are they all equally empty and unable to convey any sense of time and place, or are they exponentially more empty, conveying at least a deficit sense of time and place? What if, on the contrary, multiple recordings are cumulatively less empty and able to convey some relative sense of time and place?

In 2011, to commemorate the decade of productive career, W.M.O./r produced the first vinyl record in the catalog, Exquisite Corpse LP (w.m.o/r 40), pressed in the edition of 400 copies and co-released with Ozonokids OZKDS 017 (Barcelona) and Azul Discográfica azd08 (New York). All participants of the 'exquisite corpse' session received lyrics to these ten "songs" only two days before the recording, and they merely served as a graphic score or a way of setting a mood for each song. Each musician only got three minutes and one chance to record their parts for each song, and they worked separately, without hearing or even seeing each other. Mattin started by recording the voice, then Kevin Failure recorded guitar and piano without hearing Mattin; Margarida Garcia laid down electric double bass without hearing anything of what Kevin and Mattin had done previously; and finally Loy Fankbonner added drums without reference to any of the other musicians' tracks. Once all improvisational takes were submitted, Mattin simply laid them on top of each other on the laptop, in the reversed order compared to traditional rock 'n' roll recording routine (first drums, then bass, then guitar and finally voice), and did a very direct mix without moving or taking anything away. Dougie Bowne and Ivan Julian recorded the final results on Feb 2009 at NYHED in New York. Co-incidentally, all three labels ceased to exist shortly after releasing this record, so the decision to co-release and co-invest the production of this record must've come out of the personal financial struggles.

Many of the label's earlier releases are currently marked as 'DELETED' on the label's website:


w.m.o/r00 Mattin - Betsain CD-R
w.m.o/r01 Mattin - Tinnitus CD-R
w.m.o/r02 Mattin/ Rosy Parlane/ Eddie Prévost - Sakada CD
w.m.o/r03 Mattin - higu CD-R
w.m.o/r04 BI RAK - Ipurtagiri CD-R
w.m.o/r05 Mattin/ Rosy Parlane/ Xabier Erkizia - Mendietan CD
w.m.o.r07 Radu Malfatti / Mattin - WHITENOISE CD
w.m.o/r13 Junko & Mattin - PINKNOISE CD
w.m.o/r17 Billy Bao - Bilbo's Incinerator 7''
w.m.o/r23 B. Bao with A. Courtis, P. Reche, X. Erkizia, A. Lopez & M. - R'n'R Granulator CD

STILL AVAILABLE from Mattin.org and distributors

w.m.o/r06 belaska - Vault (Mark Wastell & Mattin) CD with 20-p booklet
w.m.o/r08 Taku Unami - Intransigent towards the detectives of capital CD-R
w.m.o/r09 Taku Sugimoto, Yasuo Totsuka & Mattin - Training Thoughts CD
w.m.o/r10 Tomas Korber - MASS PRODUCTION CD-R
w.m.o/r11 Bruce Russell - Los Desastres de las Guerras CD with 20-p booklet
w.m.o/r12 HELIOGABALUS - Tourette is Normal (Excerpt 2) CD-R
w.m.o/r14 Mark Wastell - Vibra # 1 CD-R
h.m.o/r01 Mattin & Taku Unami - Shyrio No Computer CD co-released with Hibari Music
w.m.o/r15 Julien Ottavi - For degreadable music: the CD-R I will never release
w.m.o/r16 HINYOUKI - Nyou CD-R
w.m.o/r18 Rolex á la plage DVD-R
w.m.o/r19 Pia Gambardella - RELUCTANT DIVERS CD-R
w.m.o/r20 Bilbao Acabado / Bilbo Bukatua / Bilbao is Finished Book
w.m.o/r21 David Chiesa / Jean-Luc Guionnet / Lionel Marchetti & Jerome Noetinger - SION CD-R
w.m.o/r22 Deflag Haemorrhage / Haien Kontra - Luxury CD-R
w.m.o/r25 La Grieta - Hermana Hostia CD-R
w.m.o/r26 Bruce Russell - 21st Century Field Hollers and Prison Songs CD-R with 20-p booklet
w.m.o/r27 M.B. - Genocidio 20 CD-R
w.m.o/r28 Josetxo Grieta - Euskal Semea CD with 12-p booklet
w.m.o/r29 Michel Henritzi - Keith Rowe Serves Imperialism CD-R with 8-p booklet
w.m.o/r30 M.B. - Symphony for a Genocide CD co-released with Hospital Productions
w.m.o/r31 Zaïmph - EMBLEM CD
w.m.o/r32 Matthieu Saladin - Stock Exchange Piece CD-R
h.m.o/r2 " " [sic] Goldie - "ABJECTOR" [sic] 2xCD
h.m.o/r3 Mattin / Taku Unami - Attention CD co-released with Hibari Music
w.m.o/r33 Keith Rowe & Seymour Wright - 3D 3xCD-R with 8-p booklet
w.m.o/r34 Loïc Blairon - X/0 CD, Text
w.m.o/r35 Ray Brassier / Jean-Luc Guionnet / Seijiro Murayama / Mattin - Idioms and Idiots CD with 36-p booklet
w.m.o/r36 Craig Dworkin & Jarrod Fowler - Rhythmic Fact CD-R+?
w.m.o/r37 Esther Ferrer in collaboration with CAC Brétigny - Concierto zaj para 30 ó 60 voces CD + poster
w.m.o/r38 iMPROKUP! - Hamaika 16, LES SEPT MES DVD-R + booklet


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
25 Hermana Hostia  album cover La Grieta Hermana Hostia(CDr, Album) W.M.O./r 25 Spain 2006 Sell This Version
29 Michel Henritzi Keith Rowe Serves Imperialism(CD, Album) W.M.O./r 29 Spain 2007 Sell This Version
h.m.o/r 01 Shiryo No Computer  album cover Mattin, Taku Unami Mattin, Taku Unami - Shiryo No Computer (Album) h.m.o/r 01 Japan 2004 Sell This Version
H.M.O/R 02 Abjector [sic]  album cover " " [sic] Tim Goldie* Abjector [sic](2xCD, Album) Hibari Music, W.M.O./r H.M.O/R 02 Japan 2007 Sell This Version
h.m.o/r 03 Attention  album cover Mattin, Taku Unami Mattin, Taku Unami - Attention(CD, Album) W.M.O./r, Hibari Music h.m.o/r 03 Spain 2007 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r 00 Betsain  album cover Mattin Betsain(CDr) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r 00 Spain 2001 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r 01 Tinnitus  album cover Mattin Tinnitus(CDr) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r 01 UK 2001 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r 02 Sakada  album cover Mattin Sakada(CD, Album) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r 02 Spain 2001 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r 03 higu  album cover Mattin higu(CDr, Album, Ltd, Num) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r 03 UK 2001 Sell This Version
W.M.O./r 04 Purtagiri  album cover Bi Rak Purtagiri(CDr, MiniAlbum, Ltd, Num) W.M.O./r W.M.O./r 04 Spain Unknown Sell This Version
w.m.o/r05 Mendietan  album cover Mattin / Rosy Parlane Mattin / Rosy Parlane - Mendietan(CD) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r05 Spain 2002 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r06 Vault  album cover Belaska Vault(CD) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r06 Spain 2003 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r. 07 Whitenoise  album cover Radu Malfatti / Mattin Radu Malfatti / Mattin - Whitenoise(CD, Album) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r. 07 Spain 2004 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r 08 Intransigent Towards The Detectives Of Capital  album cover Taku Unami Intransigent Towards The Detectives Of Capital(CDr, Album) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r 08 Spain 2004 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r09 Training Thoughts  album cover Taku Sugimoto / Yasuo Totsuka / Mattin Taku Sugimoto / Yasuo Totsuka / Mattin - Training Thoughts(CD) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r09 Spain 2004 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r10 Mass Production  album cover Tomas Korber Mass Production(CDr) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r10 Spain 2004 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r11 Los Desastres De Las Guerras  album cover Bruce Russell Los Desastres De Las Guerras(CD) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r11 Spain 2004 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r 12 Tourette Is Normal (Excerpt 2)  album cover Heliogabalus Tourette Is Normal (Excerpt 2)(CDr, Album) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r 12 Spain 2004 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r 13 Pinknoise  album cover Junko & Mattin Junko & Mattin - Pinknoise (Album) w.m.o/r 13 Spain 2004 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r 14 Vibra #1  album cover Mark Wastell Vibra #1(CDr) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r 14 Spain 2005 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r15 For Degreadable Music: The CDR I Will Never Release  album cover Julien Ottavi For Degreadable Music: The CDR I Will Never Release(CDr) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r15 Spain 2005 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r16 Nyou  album cover Hinyouki Nyou(CDr) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r16 Spain 2005 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r17 Bilbo's Incinerator  album cover Billy Bao Bilbo's Incinerator(7") W.M.O./r w.m.o/r17 Spain 2005 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r 19 Reluctant Divers  album cover Pia Gambardella Reluctant Divers(CDr) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r 19 Spain 2005 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r21 Sion  album cover Jean-Luc Guionnet / David Chiesa / Lionel Marchetti / Jérôme Noetinger Jean-Luc Guionnet / David Chiesa / Lionel Marchetti / Jérôme Noetinger - Sion(CDr) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r21 Spain 2005 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r 22 Luxury  album cover Deflag Haemorrhage / Haien Kontra Luxury(CDr, Album, Two) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r 22 Spain 2004 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r23 R'n'R Granulator  album cover Billy Bao R'n'R Granulator(CD) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r23 Spain 2005 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r 26 21st Century Field Hollers And Prison Songs  album cover Bruce Russell 21st Century Field Hollers And Prison Songs(CDr, Album) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r 26 Spain 2006 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r 27 Genocidio 20  album cover MB* Genocidio 20 w.m.o/r 27 Spain 2006 Sell This Version
w.m.o./r 28 Euskal Semea  album cover Josetxo Grieta Euskal Semea(CD, Album) W.M.O./r w.m.o./r 28 Spain 2007 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r 30 Symphony For A Genocide  album cover M.B.* Symphony For A Genocide (Album) w.m.o/r 30 Spain 2007 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r31 Emblem  album cover Zaïmph Emblem (Album) w.m.o/r31 Spain 2007 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r32 Stock Exchange Piece  album cover Matthieu Saladin Stock Exchange Piece(CDr, Ltd) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r32 Spain 2007 Sell This Version
w.m.o./r33 3D  album cover Keith Rowe, Seymour Wright Keith Rowe, Seymour Wright - 3D(3xCDr, Album, Ltd) W.M.O./r w.m.o./r33 Spain 2008 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r 34 X/0  album cover Loïc Blairon X/0(CD) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r 34 Spain 2010 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r 35 Idioms And Idiots  album cover Ray Brassier, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Murayama Seijiro*, Mattin Ray Brassier, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Murayama Seijiro*, Mattin - Idioms And Idiots(CD, Album, Ltd) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r 35 Spain 2010 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r 37 Concierto zaj para 30 ó 60 voces  album cover Esther Ferrer Concierto zaj para 30 ó 60 voces(CD, Album) W.M.O./r w.m.o/r 37 Spain 2012 Sell This Version
w.m.o/r 40 Exquisite Corpse  album cover Mattin Exquisite Corpse(LP, Ltd) Ozonokids, Azul Discográfica, W.M.O./r w.m.o/r 40 Spain 2011 Sell This Version