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Sublabels:Curious Electricity, Intelligent Recordings
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5503 Dorothy Drive
San Diego, CA 92115

(Now Obsolete)
P.O. Box 161024
San Diego, CA 92176
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    Here's the label's full discography as per their likely now-defunct website:

    SG-001 Everready Getting Smarter 7"
    "Fairplay" b/w "I Know..." and "Inside My Head"
    First pressing released 6/1/93, 104 clear vinyl, 410 black vinyl
    Second pressing released 5/1/94, 310 grey vinyl with numbered sleeves

    SG-002 Apolitiq Head Smashed In 12"
    "Sensory Narcosis", "Heaven in Hand" b/w "Silicon Addict", "Head Smashed In"
    Released 6/15/93 200 black vinyl, overstickered. Co-release on DMAE Records, 300 black vinyl

    SG-003 Hoover Cain 7"
    "Line" b/w "Elephant Tide"
    Released 6/15/93, 200 clear vinyl, numbered sleeves. 300 sold by band without sleeves

    SG-004 Buck 'o' Nine 7"
    "I Don't Seem to Care", "(Don't Wanna Be No) Jon Bon Jovi"
    b/w "Sappy Love Song", "Positively Shelby"
    First pressing released 7/16/93, 500 green vinyl, numbered sleeves
    Second pressing released 10/16/93, 409 red vinyl
    Third pressing released 3/31/94, 240 black vinyl
    Fourth pressing released 12/5/95, Xmas edition of 205 (red sleeves, green vinyl)
    Fifth pressing released3/1/96, 835 black vinyl
    Sixth pressing released 12/20/96, 509 black vinyl

    SG-005 Winters Mist (various artists) 7"
    Veronica Lake "Emma Maybe", Serenas "Come Back Kitty Kat"
    b/w Huck "Waving My Arms in the Air", Snowball "Water Boatman"
    Originally released as a flexi disc by Four Letter Words, 500 made on black plastic
    Hard-vinyl 7" released 9/1/93 106 blue vinyl, 405 black vinyl, with booklet, all numbered

    SG-006 Gapeseed 7"
    "Flanzer" b/w "Thunder Tongue", "Naraces"
    Released 9/1/93, 105 red vinyl, 405 black vinyl, all numbered sleeves

    SG-007 Gapeseed VHS
    "Sarah's Witch" VHS-only single.
    A handful made circa 9/93 with hand-made sleeves

    SG-008 Baboon 7"
    "Tool" b/w "Why'd You Say Die?", "What's up With You"
    First pressing released 1/24/94, 105 purple vinyl, 400 black vinyl, all numbered sleeves
    Second pressing released 7/7/94, 205 black vinyl

    SG-009 All About Chad/The Laurens split-7"
    All About Chad "Paint Peel" b/w The Laurens "I Wonder What the Trouble Is", "A Reason to Care"
    Released 1/24/94, 110 yellow vinyl, 405 black vinyl, 4 separate inserts

    SG-010 Stigmata A Go Go 7"
    "Cyclone Rider" b/w "Pedal", "Outdoor Miner"
    Released 5/16/94, 200 white vinyl, 305 black vinyl, numbered sleeves and postcard insert

    SG-011 Laurels 7"
    "Toothless" b/w "Motormouth"
    Released 5/16/94, 205 burgundy vinyl, 302 black vinyl

    SG-012 Fluf 7"
    "24-7 Years" b/w "Entire", "Troll Song"
    First pressing released 8/1/94, 200 blue vinyl, 1000 black vinyl
    Second pressing released 9/28/94, 1007 black vinyl
    Third pressing released 12/5/95, 306 black vinyl

    SG-013 Hula Hoop 7"
    "Butterfingered" b/w "Dreamsicle"
    Released 8/1/94, 200 pink vinyl, 400 black vinyl

    SG-014 Jet'Aime (Silver Girl Sampler #1) Cassette
    Fluf "Entire", Baboon "Why'd You Say Die?", Laurens "My Life", Stigmata A Go Go "Pedal",
    Gapeseed "Thunder Tongue", Laurels "Motormouth (demo version)", Hula Hoop "Blues From a Vaseline Gun",
    Everready "X-You", The Drive "Drive (first mix)", The Summer Hits "Laetitia"
    Released 7/15/94 ,100 w/o J-cards, 413 with J-cards

    SG-015 Gapeseed Lo Cell CD
    "Thirsty", "Grifting Ballistic", "From the Cusp", "Watermelon Bread", "Anisette", "1:59",
    "Lazarus Sparkplug", "Magistat Dixit"
    Released 10/1/94, 1000 pressed

    SG-016 The Summer Hits 1000 Moments of Natural Flotation 7"
    "Lift Off" b/w "Laetitia" b/w "Mod Cinema"
    First pressing released 2/28/95 210 green vinyl, 400 black vinyl
    Second pressing released 7/1/95, 200 black vinyl

    SG-017 The Drift 7"
    "She Lets Go" b/w "Drive", "A View on Here"
    Released 2/28/95 200 green vinyl, 403 black vinyl

    SG-018 Winters Mist Volume 2 (various artists) 7"
    Love Bandits "Love Bandits Theme Song",
    Allen Clapp "A Change in the Weather (Lounge Version)",
    Meek "Necklace", McTells "Hold On", Dufflecoats "Don't See Me Soon"
    Released 5/1/95 200 orange vinyl, 403 black vinyl

    SG-019 Ruby Falls 7"
    "Hysteria" b/w "Cafe No Problem"
    First pressing released 5/1/95 200 blue vinyl, 418 black vinyl
    Second pressing released 8/10/95, 200 on black vinyl

    SG-020 Red Dye #5 7"
    "Fuzzbomb", "Head Phuck" b/w "Pigeon"
    First pressing released 4/1/95, 600 red vinyl
    Second pressing released 8/10/95, 200 on black vinyl

    SG-021 Holiday Flyer Try Not To Worry CD
    First pressing released 6/1/95, 1188 pressed
    Second pressing of 500 released in 2000, different disc art

    SG-022 Mon Ami (Silver Girl Sampler) Cassette
    Released 3/15/95, 543 made, all on green cassettes

    SG-023 Hula Hoop The Loveliest Ring of Saturn CD
    Released 1/10/96, 1177 pressed

    SG-024 Track Star Sometimes, What's the Difference 10"
    First pressing released 9/1/95, 610 black vinyl, four different color sleeves + inserts
    Second pressing released 2/1/96, 327 black vinyl, blue sleeves only, no inserts
    Third pressing released 5/15/96, 313 black vinyl, blue sleeves only + inserts

    SG-025 Retriever Three Second Stereo 10"
    First pressing released 5/1/96, 810 black vinyl, 100 copies with full color sleeve

    SG-026 Gapeseed Project 64 CD
    Released 2/1/97, 1200 pressed, 500 numbered sleeves

    SG-027 Amour, A Silver Girl Sampler Cassette
    Released 7/15/96, 1000 pressed

    SG-028 Deathstar 10"
    Released 1/15/97, 610 black vinyl, blue & silver sleeves

    SG-029 Ruby Falls Heroines CD/LP
    LP released 11/1/96, 514 black vinyl, hand-screened sleeves + insert
    CD released 3/1/97, 1250 pressed

    SG-030 Holiday Flyer The Rainbow Confection CD
    First pressing of 1020 copies released in 1997

    SG-031 Gravity Wax Acoustically Inert Dense Gravity Mechanism 10"
    Released 7/1/97, 810 pressed (all on black vinyl), yellow, blue, and brown sleeves

    SG-032 T*Shirt What's Wrong With You is Wrong All The Way Through You CD
    Released 1/15/98, 1000 pressed

    SG-033 Chong Marker CD

    SG-034 Dewey Defeats Truman B-Sides, Rarities and Out-takes CD

    SG-035 Slow Coach New Strategies Are Necessary, This is Not Solid Ground CD

    SG-036 Kill Me Tomorrow "Chrome Yellow" CD

    SG-037 T*Shirt "The Convincer" CD

    SG-038 AM Vibe CD

    SG-039 The Red Channels CD

    SG-040 Nigel CD