Scarecrow Records (2)

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Mexican metal label that specialises in licensed albums from major metal labels for local release. The label began activities in 2000.

For the electronic/house label, use Scarecrow.
For the German jazz label, use Scarecrow (2).
For the Greek punk/hardcore label, use Scarecrow (3).
For the Jeff Beck bootlegs, use Scarecrow (4).
For the UK folk label, use Scarecrow (5).
For the US electronic/techno label, use Scarecrow Music.
For the Dutch alternative rock label, use Scarecrow Music (2).
For the Swedish black metal label, use Scarecrow Music Group or Scarecrow Recordings.
For the electronic label, use Scarecrow Muzic.
For the French hardcore label, use Scarecrow Records.
For the US electronic/industrial label, use Scarecrow Records (3).
For the unofficial releases of Scarecrow Records (2), use Scarecrow Records (4).

Parent Label:Oz Productions
Sublabels:Over The Rainbow Records, Witch Of The East, Witch Of The West ,


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  • Theli727's avatar
    i also found this one:
    Orphaned land
    The road to or-shalem
    2DVD | 2011
    Scarecrow Records | SR0717 | 5051099813397