Valiza Tools

Valiza Tools

Valiza Tools is a French project set apart to spread, all other the world, the production of independent artistic and deviceful works named "Tools". Tools patterns are everlasting: music Tools (mostly electronic), writings Tools, Multimedia together with software Tools. Tools can be with topic, on order or by opposition, spontaneous, shifted and completely unexplained. You will find original and exclusive Tools, selected for the pleasure that they caused us.

So you're invited to download every Tool you like from this Website and share it by the greatest extent or degree you can. Attention: the content of this website is protected by the laws of intellectual property and licenced by the original authors to Valiza Tools. Amongst other consideration, free download doesn't mean free of copyrights so any commercial use of a Tool must be done done with the authorisation of the author.

We make a point of thanking the following people who took directly oy indirectly part in the startup of the project: Juz (web design), Gom (Logo design), Sds, Laab, M3000, Warion, Rak, the Lists (you know who you are!).

We expect you will find some interest and a great pleasure as we do.



Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
EP2 Trem EP  album cover Francky Ride Trem EP(12") Valiza Tools EP2 France 2008 Sell This Version
Valiza Tools LP 1 Tough Guys Don't Dance  album cover Amplified People Tough Guys Don't Dance(12") Valiza Tools Valiza Tools LP 1 France 2005 Sell This Version
VT 1 Francky Ride Dubby Dubby(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 1 France 2004
VT 2 Laab Ftelecom(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 2 France 2004
VT 4 Francky Ride Elektra(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 4 France 2004
VT 5 Musique Jetable  album cover Various Musique Jetable(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 5 France 2004
VT 6 Kirioucha In Bed With My Pleyel(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 6 France 2005
VT 7 Tough Guys Don't Dance  album cover Amplified People Tough Guys Don't Dance(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 7 France 2005
VT 8 Musique Interne  album cover M3000 Musique Interne(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 8 France 2005
VT 9 Vito Goes To The Dentist  album cover Dinah Bird* Vito Goes To The Dentist(4xFile, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 9 France 2005
VT 10 Phonogramme  album cover Laab Phonogramme(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 10 France 2005
VT 11 Tuba  album cover Leanne (5) Tuba(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 11 France 2005
VT 12 Smoking Kills  album cover ZundT Smoking Kills(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 12 France 2005
VT 13 Bernard Stulzaft Le Sens De La Vie(File, Mov) Valiza Tools VT 13 France 2006
VT 14 One Shot  album cover miNoise One Shot(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 14 France 2006
VT 15 VT Compilation  album cover Dick Voodoo VT Compilation(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 15 France 2006
VT 16 Sébastien Bouchet Love On LSD(3xFile, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 16 France 2006
VT 18 Francky Ride Live At Batofar (Miniboom 19/01/2006)(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 18 France 2006
VT 19 CJ Kiff Rencontre(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 19 France 2006
VT 20 Antoine (9) Spreadres(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 20 France 2006
VT 21 Clearcom Bulopatch(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 21 France 2007
VT 22 Sunday  album cover Watt Freak Sunday(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 22 France 2007
VT 23 Kirioucha Idle Moments(4xFile, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 23 France 2007
VT 24 miNoise Recycle(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 24 France 2007
VT 25 Francky Ride Minus(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 25 France 2007
VT 26 Laab Thoothpaste(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 26 France 2007
VT 27 Fire In The Oygen Garden  album cover Photonz Fire In The Oygen Garden(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 27 France 2007
VT 28 Alentours  album cover Francky Ride Alentours(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 28 France 2008
VT 29 Atonic Ware  album cover miNoise Atonic Ware(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 29 France 2008
VT 30 Sentimental Damage  album cover Kammerton Sentimental Damage(3xFile, MP3, EP) Valiza Tools VT 30 France 2008
VT 31 Gash  album cover Clearcom Gash(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 31 France 2008
VT 32 Insignificant Dramas  album cover Kirioucha Insignificant Dramas(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 32 France 2009
VT 33 Just Eine Idee  album cover MachinMan Just Eine Idee(4xFile, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 33 France 2009
VT 34 Live At Entouka  album cover miNoise Live At Entouka(File, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 34 France 2009
VT 35 Right  album cover Laab Right(4xFile, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 35 France 2010
VT 36 Francky Ride, Laab Francky Ride, Laab - Session 1(3xFile, MP3) Valiza Tools VT 36 France 2010