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Bassex Records was the creation of Mike Knapp, aka Xpando.
The beast that was Bassex was spawned from the desire to put LA on the map as a world class underground dance music city. The energy and scope of the parties in LA were so great back in the early 90's that Michael had to translate this into positive musical output.
The Bassex triad consisted of Xpando, Jason Blakemore (aka DJ Trance) and DJ Eric Davenport. All three have roots firmly planted in the parties and raves of the late 80s and early 90s. Xpando's first live techno performance was at Psychedelic Evolution in '92. He was one of the first to ever do this in LA and has tried to keep the challenge going by being one of the first to start a truly underground dance label in the city. And it worked. Many of the Bassex releases became underground classics.
And to this day Bassex is still regarded as an almost cult label with much of its catalogue selling for higher than usual prices.
Label has been on hiatus, but may reapear soon.

Sublabels:Black Licorice Recordings
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Tel: 310.379.9819 (contact for licensing)
Fax: 310.379.0701 (contact for licensing)



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