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BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. (also credited as BMG Direct Marketing Inc.) was the US company that owned the BMG Music Service record club.
Originally RCA Direct Marketing, Inc., it was renamed in April 1987 after Bertelsmann AG competed its acquisition of RCA from General Electric in December 1986. On January 1st, 1989, the record club RCA Music Service changed its name to BMG Music Service. BMG Music Service acquired Columbia House in June 2005. BMG Music Service ceased operations on June 30, 2009.
Catalog numbers of both the original label and the company BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. usually appear on the releases. Please do not credit BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. as a Label.
For release roles, please use BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. when the release credits "BMG Direct Marketing, Inc.", and use BMG Direct when the release credits "BMG Direct". Some releases have credited both BMG Direct & BMG Direct Marketing, Inc.; in these cases, please credit both companies.
• Add BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. as the [company role] as indicated on the release (usually Manufactured For). If no role is indicated, Record Company can be selected. Add the release's BMG catalog number [DNNNNNN or D NNNNNN (C instead of D on cassettes, and R for records)] as the catalog number for this role.
• For releases that are Mfd. for BMG Direct Marketing, Inc., Under License, a Licensed To company role may also be added.
• For releases with a barcode, scan the barcode with the Discogs app barcode search option and enter the results. If the release has only text in the barcode location, do not enter a barcode.
• Click on the Club Edition checkbox in the Description (Format) section to add the Club Edition tag to the release.
For legacy releases: If, on a release, BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. is credited as a label, instead add the release's actual label(s) and catalog number(s) as the label credit, and format BMG's roles as above.

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