Short-lived sublabel of UK Bedrock Records, releasing more dark, minimal and tribally sounds.
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Black Records
PO Box 4185


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
black01 Shades / Darkness  album cover Deep Amok Shades / Darkness black01 UK 2002 Sell This Version
black02 Mysteries Of The Giant Squid / Toltec  album cover Jondi & Spesh Mysteries Of The Giant Squid / Toltec black02 UK 2002 Sell This Version
black03 Noah's Ark  album cover O.B.A* Noah's Ark black03 UK 2002 Sell This Version
black04 Sophisticated / Afro Doom  album cover Shmoo Sophisticated / Afro Doom black04 UK 2002 Sell This Version
black05 O'Spectra  album cover Eclectica O'Spectra black05 UK 2002 Sell This Version
black06 Kritical / Let U Know  album cover Luke Fair Kritical / Let U Know black06 UK 2002 Sell This Version

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May 1, 2013
I think these releases were excellent, I own them all and I'm very happy with the sounds. I've also seen more good reviews and people sorry that this label called it quits. Whatever happened to bedrock black? Well, reading about what people say the opinion do diverge. Most reviews are highly positive (like this one from me) but I've also seen one or sceptical reviews and in this discussion there is some information that these records didn't sell well for some reason. I've seen both the explanation that the sound was out of date as well as the explanation that the sound was ahead of its time. So take a listen and hear for yourself, I'd say this label is one of the best.


August 14, 2012
edited over 10 years ago
i can see why this sub section of bedrock folded, as this particular sound had certainly had its day by 2002. However this doesnt mean that the quality of the music suffers as a result.

what we have here are some forgotten underground gems from an era that has long been and gone! if you like the minimal/ more tribal sound of progressive house then you are in for a real treat! spacey melodies, echoing cries, worldly sfx and an overall feeling of pending doom are the basis for most of these records.

who knows...maybe one day this sound will come full circle once again!


June 27, 2012
edited over 10 years ago
Everything seems right here for me. People, who don't have bad monkey instinct, will buy what they want. I hope there are such people in this world.


October 23, 2007
I became intimately familiar with this label without ever buying anything, seeing as how their records remained on the record store shelf week after week. This Bedrock offshoot aimed to deliver a super-polished mix of tribal grooves, prog-house tempos and lots of wooshing and swooshing, and came up with a handful of singularly drab and uninspiring tunes. Dark drums were "in" for a while, but it seems this label was too late on the scene, as it folded up almost instantly. As an added bonus, the bizarre grey-on-black design of these records meant that if you dared to buy one of them, you'd be holding it up to your nose and squinting really hard that night up in the DJ booth.

In my humble opinion, a case of style over substance, a handful of clunkers now gathering dust.