US label; better known as "Wand Records".
Originally a division of Scepter Records, founded in 1961 by Florence Greenberg, hence also credited as Scepter-Wand Records, Scepter/Wand Records, Scepter and Wand Records or as the Scepter-Wand Organization during the 60s.
Started mainly as an R&B label but also released Rock, eventually focused on R&B and Soul. Both Scepter and Wand were sold to Springboard International Records, Inc. in 1976. When Springboard went bankrupt, Gusto Records (2) acquired their catalogs.

Wand was exclusively manufactured and distributed in Canada by Quality Records Limited (often on their Reo, Barry and Quality labels) until the end of 1967. At the start of 1968 manufacturing and distributing of Wand switched to The Compo Company Ltd.. In 1970 Compo was amalgamated into MCA Records (Canada) who handled Wand until 1973. In 1973 Scepter was handled by Polydor Ltd. (2) until 1976.

For unofficial releases, see Wand (6)

Parent Label:Gusto Records, Inc.
Contact Info:

Wand Records
254 West 54th Street, NYC, NY 10019 (1965-1976)
1650 Broadway, NYC, NY (1961-1965)

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