Fidelis Records

Fidelis Records

A record company with offices in USA & Canada.
Launched in 2002 with a pledge to its listeners [At Fidelis Records we would like our listeners to know that we are committed to providing them with an unrivaled level of sonic excellence and a you are there at the performance experience.]

At initial launch 3 releases were made with company promise, to high claim and rave reviews from critics. Additional 7 upcoming releases were lined up.
Contact Info:
In the United States of America, contact :
Mr. Paul Weitzel

Phone: 509-787-5205
Fax: 509-787-5405

109 C Street SE
Quincy Washington
USA, 98848

In Canada, contact:
Mr. Joseph Paterson

Phone: 905-770-5359
Fax: 905-508-1209

P.O Box 32572, 9665 Bayview Ave
Richmond Hill, Ontario CANADA
L4C 0A2