The Godfatherecords


Italian bootleg label with (mostly) high quality releases or reissues of old unofficial releases.

Up to 2014, the same producers developped The Godfather Box for CD-boxes and Apocalypse Sound for DVDs.

From 2015 to 2017, the producers changed the name of the label for Eat A Peach!.

Since 2018, the label is known as Golden Eggs.

The barcode used by Godfatherecords (and Apocalypse Sound) is a fictitious one.
It is not a common barcode, which would be unique worldwide, but its number represents the release date and the catalog number of the release (on multi-CD-releases the cat# of the first CD).
For example, if the barcode-number is 24122009555 that means the release date is the 24th of December 2009 with the cat# G.R. 555.
In some cases, the barcode-number does not correspond with the actual release date by accident.
Please cross-check the promo sheets in the images' section for real release dates.

The barcode-number does not correspond with the printed barcode (lines).

Sublabels:Apocalypse Sound, Pablo Records (2), The Godfather Box, WhiteFlag , ,


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  • pigsfloyd's avatar
    The godfathrecords made bad copys of Pink Floyd-First time in japan 3cd set.has ghost cd noise on the dics.MY seller will not stand good for these.Now what do I do ?
    • importdiscs's avatar
      I agree with fenderblender. Your seller should have replaced the discs if they were faulty. I find that Godfather titles are some of the best. I'd try them again, but from a different seller. Since you like Radiohead the Thom Yorke might be just the ticket.
      • luter82's avatar
        it's not the seller's fault. At the beginning the cds were fine. It's a matter of the quality of the cds.
        • luter82's avatar
          I bought in 2003 "The Kid Parade" from Radiohead and yesterday I took it from the shelf. It happens that the cds are both scratched with tiny ones...I had to throw it.
          This proofs that the quality of this recordings is very very low. I paied 32 euros for that double cd.
          Thumbs down for Godfathers records!!