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Also appears as: "Fuentes" only.
** Also see the alternative label: Fuentes Internacional; consider adding both as labels if they appear on the release.

Label Code: LC 1005 .
Discos Fuentes was founded in October 28, 1934 by Antonio Fuentes in Cartagena and is the oldest commercial record label from Colombia. Their first record was pressed in 1943 (the performer was Guillermo Buitrago). The company moved its headquarters to Medellín in 1954. Edimúsica was the publishing company for Discos Fuentes.

Understanding the Fuentes LP Catalog Numbering System (A Brief Guide):
From 1958-1965: F.L.P. for Mono Colombian Pressings and US Pressings, S.T.F.L.P. for Stereo Colombian Pressings and US Pressings
On some releases it is L.P.F. instead of F.L.P.
In the mid-late 1960s Fuentes added a second system of numbering, and future reissues of older releases retained the old number in the new format.
Mono: catalog number in the 300000 (for example, Los Hispanos - De Nuevo Los Hispanos is 300517)
Stereo: catalog number in the 200000 (for example, Los Hispanos - De Nuevo Los Hispanos is 200517)
These numbers often have LP, L.P., or LP. preceding them. If a Fuentes release from the early 60s had a catalog number of, for example, F.L.P. 0036, if it was reissued in the 70s the catalog number would have been like LP. 200036 (Stereo).
From 1965 onward the F.L.P. numbering was usually only used on Venezuelan pressings, usually manufactured by Industria Fonográfica Robegomer C.A., or rarely Fábrica De Discos Dark, C.A.
Peruvian releases usually have "FUE" as part of the catalog number and occasionally end in "Y". Were manufactured by "El Virrey" Industrias Musicales S.A.
US releases were mainly manufactured by Miami Records (2) and initially carried the F.L.P. catalog numbers but later on changed to MF and MFS (Stereo) followed by the number.
A few Fuentes albums were licensed to the Brazilian label Chantecler in the 1960s, so Brazilian pressings do exist.
Other countries with Discos Fuentes releases: Mexico (usually released through Eco), Spain (released through Edigsa, Fonomusic), Ecuador (released through Fediscos S.A.,
Onix, and Fadisa), Panama (manufactured by Continental De Discos), Bolivia (manufactured by Heriba Ltda.), Guatemala (manufactured by Fonica), Argentina (released through Music Hall), and El Salvador (manufactured by Dicesa).

Parent Label:Discos Fuentes S.A.
Sublabels:12 Exitos Bailables, 14 Cañonazos Bailables, 14 Machetazos Parranderos, 14 Vallenatos Románticos, 30 Pegaditas De Oro, Ay Hombe!, Bailables Del Año (2), Caribe (2), Colección De Oro (5), Colección Oro Fuentes, ...
Contact Info:

Discos Fuentes Edimúsica S.A.
Cra. 51 Nº 13 - 223
Medellín, Colombia
[email protected]
Phone: (+574) 355 8211
Fax: (+574) 265 2772 , X , Facebook , Soundcloud , Instagram , YouTube


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