Attention! This is for the label used in the 70s, as displayed beneath, a subsidiary of Pickwick International, Inc.
Please use Pickwick/33 Records, as displayed, for the silver grey label version, in use from 1965 till the early 70s.
For the UK releases please use Pickwick Records, a subsidiary of Pickwick International Inc. (GB) Ltd. that later become the independent Pickwick Group Limited.
For the companies, please see Pickwick Sales Corp. - launched in the early 50s and in use till the early 60s.
Pickwick International, Inc. was launched in 1961, installed a subsidiary company in the UK in 1962, see Pickwick International Inc. (GB) Ltd.. Both are commonly abridged to Pickwick International.
The Pickwick label was most notable for its sound-alike recordings, bargain bin reissues and low grade (and often badly edited) repackaged RCA Camden and other major-label back catalog LPs (especially from Elvis Presley's catalog), and children's records.
In 1974, RCA deleted its RCA Camden budget album catalog and licensed it to Pickwick, which distributed it until 1978. It also reissued LPs from the Motown, ABC, MCA and United Artists Records catalogs.

Parent Label:Pickwick International, Inc.
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