Music Brokers


Argentinian label, founded in 1997, label that spawned MB Entertainment Business Group.
Label Code: LC 18434

** The label specializes in the re-release of popular genres from a variety of artists and/or musicians worldwide; therefore creating a very ''bargain basement'' and alluring price point to their compilations. The appeal may be instant but ''Buyer Beware'' due to a variety of their larger compilations have a combination of obscure live recordings (not properly credited on release), non-original artists (session musicians or artist) and a variety of odd tracks not even popularly known to chart via Billboard or International Music Charts. These such tracks have been found on a variety of compilation releases and are unremarkable in nature. Many times as aforementioned; not even by the original artists but a session musician and/or artist; even though it is actually credited that way on the release.

Argentina - Music Brokers Argentina S.A. (though technically MB is actually the label of MBA, they were founded first)
Chile - Music Brokers Chile
Paraguay - Quijote S.R.L.
Brasil - Music Brokers Do Brasil Produções Fonográficas Ltda.
Ecuador - Musicalisimo and El Rosado Importador
Colombia - Prodiscos
Venezuela - IC Records C.A.
Mexico - Music Brokers Records S.A. De C.V.
United States - Alliance Entertainment Group and Strategic Imports Corp.
Spain - Warner Music Spain S.A.
Portugal - Compact Records
Italy - Giucar Services S.P.A.
Great Britain - Lasgo Chrysalis
Holland, Belgium - H'ART Musica
France, Germany/Austria/Switzerland - H'ART Music
South Africa - Sheer Sound C.C.
Dubai - Music Box International
Australia - Fuse Music Group

Catalogue numbers & sub-labels:
Catalogue numbers usually start with 'MBB', followed by a four-digit or five-digit number.
See also: Video Brokers (VBMxxxx): ** Music Brokers

Parent Label:MB Entertainment Business Group
Sublabels:Cafe Ibiza (2), Canciones De Navidad, Chill N'..., Music Brokers Argentina S.A., New Age Series (2), Remastered Jazz Classics, Serie Musica Clasica, Signature Collection (3), Solo Lo Mejor De, The Best Of... (3), ...
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Vuelta De Obligado 1947 – Piso 7 D.
Buenos Aires, Argentina , Wikipedia , YouTube


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