Northern Electronics


Operating from Stockholm, Sweden.

Sublabels:Blodörn, Scandinavian Swords
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[email protected] , Bandcamp , Facebook , Soundcloud


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  • fermin.g.huizi's avatar
    Stockholm collective—led by Abdulla Rashim aka Anthony Linell for those who don't know.
    • DrinMo's avatar
      Northern Electronics = High Quality, and Always be . .
      • dalakouras's avatar
        Edited 6 years ago
        You don't find everyday a label whose name guarantees top quality and satisfaction for any of its albums, without exceptions. It happened with early CMI once (true cult), and it happens again in Sweden with NE, most probably the top label in the field of underground ambient electronics right now. Pick up blindly and at random any of their releases (if they are not already sold out), you won't be disappointed. Northern breeze, pure joy.
        • djordje100's avatar
          Edited 8 years ago
          Still cannot figure out why they do not repress their releases which are obviously in demand. Another disgraceful "limited/exclusive/numbered/elitist/whatever" policy label -- if they can sell more records, they should simply press more. All other explanations/excuses are nothing but pure crap.
          • whiteawakening's avatar
            easily one of the best techno labels around right now, not to mention the other fields of music theyve delved into (new age, ambient, industrial). very distressing that almost everything theyve released doubles in price on here though, gotta be quick
            • d--__--b's avatar
              Best label out there at the moment, no doubt...
              • Palmat's avatar
                Best label at the moment if you're into dubby techno with tons of mood and atmosphere. I just wish they'd offer a subscription so I didn't have to risk missing one of their releases.