Canadian disco and dance music record label, founded in 1977 by Montreal DJ George Cucuzzella.
Latterly, the label has acquired recording and publishing rights for many other dance music catalogs.

The name of the company owning the label has changed several times over the years (the years below are estimates):

Unidisc Records Ltd. – up to 1986.
Unidisc Productions Ltd. – 1986 to 1988/9.
Unidisc Productions (Int'l) Ltd. – 1988/9 to 1993/4.
Unidisc Music Inc. – 1993/4 onwards.

When adding/updating 12" releases please check, if your version is correct. There are many reissues with different vinyl label designs and sometimes different tracklists that use the same catalog#. Please ensure that there is a separate entry for each different version.

Parent Label:Unidisc Music Inc.
Sublabels:12 Inch Classics On CD, Aquarius Records (3), Can't Stop Dancing, Caution Records, Champagne Records (2), Collection Souvenir (2), Dance Classics - The Hits, Disco Nights, Disco/Dance Classics, Emergency Records, ...
Contact Info:

Unidisc Music Inc.
57-b Hymus Boulevard
Québec, Canada
H9R 4T2

[email protected] , Facebook , Soundcloud , X , Wikipedia , YouTube


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