Also appears as "Astor Records".
For company credits (distribution, manufacturing), see also Astor Records (2). For publishing credits, see Astor Control.

Australian record label based in Melbourne, Astor Records was the recording division of manufacturing group The Radio Corporation of Australia, via its Electronic Industries Ltd. division, and was created in 1959. It was absorbed into the multinational Philips conglomerate in 1970. By 1981 releases were showing the information "Marketed under exclusive licence in Australia by Astor, a division of PolyGram Records Pty. Limited", with the Astor name completely disappearing by 1983. The last release on the label itself was Shaddap You Face in 1981.

The formal company name for this label is Astor Records Pty. Ltd. (active at least from the 1970s onwards).

Parent Label:Astor Records Pty. Ltd.
Sublabels:Astor Gold, Collector Series (16), Gold Star Series, Goldengroove Series, Image (5)
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