Forbidden Planet volte-face

July 28, 2018
One of the labels of the decade! Every release is killer.

Forbidden Planet castle_bravo

March 26, 2018
such a sick label, and Jurg Haller is a fantastic DJ. Saw him a few times when he was based in NYC. Please come back :)

Forbidden Planet 2one

August 7, 2017
amazing label, they have really good producer. I'm waiting the next releases fot this 2017

Forbidden Planet knh

January 26, 2016
One of my favorite labels. Anyone know if we can expect more releases in 2016?

Forbidden Planet knh

October 31, 2016
Awesome, that's great news. I'm sure they'll turn out to have been worth the wait.

Forbidden Planet Swissas

August 2, 2016
Yes - there will be 2-3 coming out this f/w

Forbidden Planet htphinney

June 20, 2016
came here wondering the same, gonna check their facebook now

Forbidden Planet fincy

January 20, 2016
The whole catalogue is fire. Can anyone recommend similar sounding labels?

Forbidden Planet alexwh

July 29, 2017
Booma Collective is another good one that is in line FP. I agree, killer label.

Forbidden Planet UNL

June 7, 2016
you can try to dig the label shipwrec and CPU

Forbidden Planet chrislowski

April 20, 2016
Some of these more than others but Crème Organization, M>O>S Recordings, Berceuse Heroique, Pinkman, Skudge, Bunker, Viewlexx, Lobster Theremin, L.I.E.S., Don't Be Afraid, Echovolt, Russian Torrent Versions, Plan B, The Trilogy Tapes

Forbidden Planet thizz

May 18, 2015
class label - fresh sounds!