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International division of PolyGram, established in 1980.
Responsible for releases of third party companies unrelated to the music business. This includes numerous promotional items like for example free CDs upon buying products from a specific brand.
Country-specific divisions existed as part of the local Polygram companies in, e.g. PMV/Special Projects / Polygram Musik Vertrieb, Special Projects (Germany), Polygram Special Projects Canada, PolyGram Special Projects Nederland, Polygram Iberica Special Projects (Spain), PolyGram Special Projects Belgium, PolyGram Special Project, Denmark, PolyGram Special Projects Austria, PolyGram Records Special Projects - Oslo (Norway), PolyGram Projets Spéciaux (France), etc.
Also exisiting were Polygram Special Projects International, The Netherlands (until 1995) and Polygram Special Projects International (London) (since October 1995).

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PolyGram Special Projects
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