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Blowpipe releases vinyl, cd's, dvd’s and mp3’s in genres like electronics, indie and noise. Blowpipe started in 2002 by Wim Dekker as an outlet for music of his band Smalts. Dekker has been active in the music industry since the end of the 70’s and a longtime Minny Pops member. Active in the Dutch avant-garde post-punk scene named Ultra in Amsterdam and Studio12 in Haarlem. After working for various record companies in the 80s, Dekker switched to filmindustry in the 90s and started publishing arthouse films through his sister company Moskwood Media. A next logic step was to release music titles of Moskwood, like Herman Brood and The Ex. In 2006 other artists joined: Elektra and Susie Van Der Meer. Since then Blowpipe has released material from acts like Heartsnatcher and VM, bands like Betonfraktion, Couleur Café and Dangermen. Outsiders like Big Hare, Harry Merry, Rooie Waas. Ultra veterans DeNeuve, Minny Pops and Plus Instruments. Blowpipe organizes concerts and acts as booker/promotor for its artists.

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Bonny Scumback
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