Rising High Records


Label founded in London UK in February 1991 by Caspar Pound. Had sister labels Ascension Records (for dance music), Sapho (for more avant-garde experimental releases) and Rising High USA (in America). Rising High Productions Ltd is a dead company but the labels are not defunct - they are owned by Caspar's daughter Sapho. The music is being reissued to digital over 2015, some remastered.

See also A Rising High Collection on Freakin' Australia, The Secret Life Of Tokyo Trance on Sony Japan and several releases licensed to Instinct Records.

The missing RSN 47 is the Second Wave E.P. released on the sublabel Sapho where "RSN 47" appears etched in the runout groove.

The missing RSN 58 is the Eternal Prayer released on the sublabel Ascension Records where "RSN 58" appears etched in the runout groove.

Parent Label:Rising High Productions Ltd.
Sublabels:Ascension Records, Blue Angel Records, Chill Out Or Die, Harthouse U.K., Rising High USA, Sapho, The Secret Life Of Trance
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